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Main Reasons Candidates Choose Temporary or Contract Work

The REC completed research to show the following reasons that professionals choose temporary or contract work and these are as follows;

  • 34% are looking for a permanent job role
  • 14% can only work on a short term basis due to a domestic or personal commitment
  • 13% find temporary work to be more interesting than a permanent role
  • 9% are doing contract or temporary work until they move house or go abroad
  • 9% are filling in between other jobs such as acting and similar
  • 8% work on contracts and in temporary roles to gain more experience and develop their career and CV
  • 6% are on a working holiday
  • 3% use temporary work and contracts to fill the time before they start a new permanent job
  • 2% find that temporary or contract work pays better
  • And the final 2% have ‘another reason’ for choosing temporary or contract work