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right recruiter, right approach, right results

Recruit the right recruiter

Finding the right recruitment experts is essential. Look for recruiters who specialise in your industry sector and are experts in the area you need to recruit in. This way, when it comes to finding candidates, you will have better results. Building up strategic partnerships helps you in the long run too. They know your business, they understand your needs and they know where to go to find the right candidates for you.

Additionally, if you chose to use a professionally managed recruitment consultancy or employment business, they already have the tools and systems in place to manage the process effectively – this will save you time, resource and cost.

Do make sure you use accredited recruitment consultants, look out for those who are associated with the recruitment and employment confederation (REC) accredited and the consultants are individual members of the institute of recruitment professionals (IRP). When using a business with accreditation’s, you can be confident that it sets them apart from their competition because it demonstrates that the employer has fully trained industry employees that practice within the industries governing bodies code of practice and ethics. It also shows commitment to people, process and being legally compliant.