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Employer Tips

right recruiter, right approach, right results

Recruit the right recruiter

Finding the right recruitment experts is essential. Look for recruiters who specialise in your industry sector and are experts in the area you need to recruit in. This way, when it comes to finding candidates, you will have better results. Building up strategic partnerships helps you in the long run too. They know your business, they understand your needs and they know where to go to find the right candidates for you.

Additionally, if you chose to use a professionally managed recruitment consultancy or employment business, they already have the tools and systems in place to manage the process effectively – this will save you time, resource and cost.

Do make sure you use accredited recruitment consultants, look out for those who are associated with the recruitment and employment confederation (REC) accredited and the consultants are individual members of the institute of recruitment professionals (IRP). When using a business with accreditation’s, you can be confident that it sets them apart from their competition because it demonstrates that the employer has fully trained industry employees that practice within the industries governing bodies code of practice and ethics. It also shows commitment to people, process and being legally compliant.

smart adverts will help you sell the role

Get back to basics. Keep the advert short and concise, no more than 450 words long. Don’t over complicate it with jargon or lengthy words – keep the content simple. Sell your business so you can attract the right talent. Keep the criteria around the job role, don’t open it out or you’ll receive applicants that aren’t suitable. Make sure you advertise in the right places. And do make sure a trained professional writes an advert so it grabs the right attention.

it’s all in the detail

The job description needs to outline the main duties and responsibilities of the role. It should also summarise the desired applicant skills and attributes. Do remember the bigger picture to when forming the job description, you should outline who they will report to, the role they play within the team, key responsibilities and any other essential information that you feel is appropriate.

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communication with your recruitment consultant is key

When working with your chosen recruitment partner and you’ve finalised the brief. The recruitment consultant can refine the search, ensuring you see the right candidates that fit your needs. A professional agency should be managing your expectations and sending across suitable candidates for interview. If however, if you feel the CV’s are not matching your criteria, be open with the recruiter, but be thoughtful when providing feedback.

Everything went very smoothly from my perspective and there was good communication links and timely responses.


It’s all about the timing

Timescales are important when going through the recruitment process. It is important that a reasonable amount of time to allow the recruitment agency or employment business to source you the best candidates is given. On the flip side, don’t drag the process out, you may end up loosing out on jobseekers who really do fit the bill – keep to set timescales.

Interview your candidates effectively

An interview is pretty similar to a sales scenario. As a potential employer, you should be selling the benefits of the business. When it comes to questions, your style should be open and not closed. If you ask open question, you`ll encourage the candidate to talk more openly. Closed questions simply do not work and switch the candidate off. Knowing some of the basic rules when interviewing will help you achieve a more efficient and effective interview, alongside placing the candidate at ease. Here are some good questions to ask.

  • Tell me what you know about our business?
  • Who would you consider are our competitors?
  • Briefly talk me through your employment history, what you were responsible for and your reasons for leaving.
  • What interests you about this role?
  • Give me an example of when you have provided excellent customer service?
  • What methods do you use to organise your day?
  • Provide me with a specific time when you have dealt with a difficult customer. What was the situation and how was it resolved?
  • What professional qualifications do you have that are relevant to this role?
  • Provide me with an example of a time when you have improved a process? What was the issue, what was your solution?
  • Tell me about a time when you have had to use your initiative
  • Is there ever a time you would not close a sale? If so, in what circumstances?
  • What are top three skills for sales in your opinion?
  • What targets did you deal with in the past and what where their results?
  • What are some of the challenges you see that are facing this industry?

Interviews are nerve-racking put your candidates at ease

Interviews can be quite a tense time. Make sure you’re on time. Have you booked an appropriate meeting room? Offer a warm welcome and a drink. Do give candidates the opportunity to relax if they seem a little nervous or appear apprehensive, do your best to put them at ease. That way, you’re bound to get better responses and overall outcome.

Interview everyone fairly

Be sure to ask every applicant the same questions. This gives each candidate the same opportunity to perform. Do ask questions that are relevant to the role and make them relevant to the business. That way, you are likely to get more relevant responses that apply to your business.

Make each stage clear

Manage expectations and be clear about the interview process. You’ll probably leave this to the recruitment consultant to feedback and inform but it`s polite to let the candidate know at the interview stage what the next steps are and do make sure you can stick to the timescales and process.

Salaries are important but benefits are a clincher

It’s a given that the right salary is offered. But benefits can really be a deal-breaker too. Offering favourable employee benefits can really make the difference, between candidates accepting an offer or decline it.

Building your brand reputation as sought after employer, will go a long way too. Your benefits do not need to be gold-standard but demonstrating investment in people can be a can both attract and retain the candidates you are looking for.

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Offer ongoing training to keep new recruits engaged

You should think about how to retain your new recruits, now that they have joined your business. Tap into their passion to succeed.  Work on a career development programme with them that would include a robust training programme. This in turn, will keep them engaged and wanting to excel and grow in your business.

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