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Interview tips & guidance

So you’ve been successful in the CV screening process and have got to interview stage, great news. Now all you need to do is make sure you fully prepare and ensure that your interview is a positive and successful experience. We have some interview know-how hints and tips to share with you that will help you prepare for that all important meeting.

    • Before your interview even begins, make sure you give the interviewer a firm handshake on arrival – this demonstrates confidence from the off


    • You must be clear about what the job specification is and the skills needed to match the role so that you approach any answers with a relevant responses


    • Know your CV inside out, so that you can talk with ease about every aspect of it. Facts, figures and KPI’s are especially important if your attending analytical, sales or finance related interviews!


    • Make sure you do your research on those interviewing you, look at their profiles on LinkedIn, look at their website, and search for any news or articles on them


    • Research the business you are interviewing with, find out as much as you can – visit their website, research their competitors, read about them online and on social media


    • Icebreaker question – be ready to have an engaging reply which sets the tone for the rest of the meeting. Common ground can be reached here which can help ease you into the interview.


    • Make sure you dress the part, be smart, and dress appropriately


    • Plan your journey to allow yourself plenty of time to get to the interview, and know who to ask for on arrival – you should arrive at least ten minutes before hand
    • Be polite and courteous to everyone you meet – impressions really do count


    • It’s important that you ask the interviewer questions, generally you will be given opportunities towards the end but this can vary so come armed


    • Good body language is an essential tool in your interview – don’t cross your arms and legs, don’t be restless, don’t slouch or play with a pen – these can all be really off-putting


    • Answer the questions clearly and concisely, make sure you add in facts and examples


    • Do show that you are passionate about the opportunity, smile and be engaged throughout, this shows you are genuinely interested


    • When the interview ends, don’t forget to thank the interviewer for their time, smile, shake their hand firmly, and say goodbye. Always remember to ‘close’ at the end of the interview. So many people don’t do this, and it is a way to show confidence and belief. More importantly, if done right, it shows a client that you really want the job.


    • Remember you have been given an interview because the client feels you have a good cv/experience and they feel you have the skills to the do the job. All they then want to do is get to know you and your personality and ensure you can communicate the tasks you have carried out previously. Most of all, it’s important to try to relax and enjoy the interview – after all the interviewer is human too!

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