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Candidate Testimonials

We have had an amazing journey since our inception in 2008 and have received tons of great testimonials, feedback and suggestions. Here’s a compilation of candidate testimonials we’ve received over the years.

Are you a client or candidate of ours? We would love to hear about your experience working with us – click here to leave us a message.


“I found Kelly Haston from Aspire Cambridge ltd to be very Professional and Helpful. The team at Aspire were great with communication throughout the recruitment process and they helped me to secure graduate position few months prior to graduating.” January 2018

“Thank you Kelly. That was a really quick turnaround from application to confirmation of interview. I am really impressed by the way you managed this and will be sure to recommend Aspire Cambridge to any friends or colleagues who may need your service..” January 2018

“Firstly, I would just like to say thank you so much for helping me to secure an interview with [company name]. You were great with your communication and liaising throughout!” January 2018


“I had the good fortune to be in contact with Laura Leonard from aspire cambridge and I have to say her professional and thorough approach enabled me not only to find the job I now have but the career I really wished for. Always keeping me notified and prompt in response. All in all the most professional and courteous recruitment company I have ever used. Thanks so much Laura!” May 2017

“I would like to say thank you so much to Andrew Ging for everything that you have done for me from the start of my job search. I very much appreciate your understanding of my requirements and your persistence on my behalf, plus your efforts and the hard work that you have put in for arranging this job for me. I really have been so impressed by yourself throughout the process Andy..!! You are the best and most helpful. If there is anyone looking for a new role, I will pass them in your direction who would benefit from your excellent assistance.” April 2017

”I was extremely impressed with Kayley’s professional assistance finding me my first work place in the UK. It is very easy to see that she is highly skilled and really good at what she does. I highly recommend Kayley. She is phenomenal.” April 2017

”Kayley Chalk was extremely helpful with helping me find work after arriving in the UK with my work visa. I was very surprised with how quickly and effieciently all her responses were and I couldn’t of asked for more. I highly reccomend Kayley as she was very professional , kind and helpful.” April 2017

”Kayley is a very resourceful and keen individual. She always kept me up-to-date when she dealt with my current employer. I was impressed with the way she represented me when my current employer were in their selection process for a new engineer.” April 2017

“Jasmine from Aspire helped me to find my new job. She was extremely helpful and answered all my questions throughout the interview stages and after. She always was always bright and bubbly and a pleasure to talk to – it was the most efficient service with just 9 days from first being introduced to the role to being offered the job! Thank you Jasmine and Aspire for your help.” March 2017

“I would like to thank you for helping me throughout the process of recruiting. Andrew Ging, the recruitment consultant,  is respectful, helpful and a very good communicator. He used to call and send me regular emails and messages either to update me with the progress or to check on me. Everything was clear and organized since day one. I’ve got a job at [company name], and I will recommend you to anyone who may be interested.” March 2017

“I cannot put into words how grateful I am for both Zack Faulkner and Laura Leonards help during my job search. I initially spoke with Zack on the phone for almost and hour, he was so friendly, professionally and an overall outgoing guy. His professionalism shined through during the course of the telephone call and there on after that. Days passed and I received a phone call for an interview on the Friday for the job I applied for, Events Manager at [company]. I accepted and I went for the interview and on the very same day I got the offer for the job. I was elated.” February 2017

“Kelly is most prolific and enthusiastic recruiter I have ever come across. She is very systematic in her approach during the recruitment processes. And by helping her candidate in every aspects probably she could do….!” February 2017

“I write this testimonial with great satisfaction from support rendered by Jasmine Westwood, one of the senior recruitment consultants. From the day my application was received through to my invitation for interview, Jasmine has been very supportive and provided me with enough information which helped me a lot in researching about the company and making the process simple and smooth for me, my success in getting the job is dedicated to her given the first class support I received, the whole process was a joy.” February 2017

“Aspire Cambridge was fantastic to work with. You maintained a highly professional demeanour and was always very friendly, and found me the perfect job! You were quick to understand the kind of role I was looking for, recognising my strengths and putting me forward for exactly the right job. You were always there to help throughout the process. I could not recommend Aspire Cambridge more highly. Thank you!” February 2017

“I got contacted by Jasmine regarding a position as Trainee Dental Nurse in a private dental practice in Cambridge. She was so lovely right from the beginning. She passed on my CV straight away and soon after I got an invite for an interview. A few days later I was offered the position. I have been trying to get in the clinical sector for 5 years and If it wasn´t for Jasmine I wouldn´t have even known about the job. She was so helpful and so lovely! Thank you so much Jasmine! Because of you I am finally able to go down the career path I always wanted.  :)” February 2017

“I just wanted to let you know how my first week went at [company], and well, what can I say? It is absolutely fabulous! The few little doubts I had before starting have been well and truly been ironed out. It is an absolutely fabulous company to work for and my team are great! They have been ever so helpful and I really enjoy this role and feel I will be with [company] for a very long time!” January 2017

“I just wanted to send a massive thank you to Andy. He was absolutely great and helped me immensely. I applied for a vacancy from abroad and have anxiety issues, and Andy was kind and understanding of both and very helpful. He even drove me from the airport to the interview location after I expressed I was worried about getting there on time. Andy’s been incredibly communicative, friendly and quick to follow up on queries. Thanks to Andy and Aspire Cambridge, I’ve found an exciting job in the country of my heart. Thank you! I’d definitely recommend Aspire Cambridge to job seekers.“ January 2017

“Great recruitment work by Andrew Ging at Aspire, managed to find the perfect job for me to develop myself and also be a productive permanent long term employee in my new role, taking into consideration my requirements and finding the most suitable position. After having my interview I found out quite quickly that I had got the position, this was great news for Christmas! It was easy working with Aspire and I thank you all for your services, you have a very productive team :)“ January 2017


“I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Zach for all his help. He really has found me my dream job! The whole process was so quick, easy and all the stress was taken away. Without Zach I wouldn’t have even known about the job and that I am incredibly grateful for. Many thanks again!” November 2016

“I registered with a few recruitment consultants looking for temp work. I was contacted by Rachel Samuels, who I thought was extremely personable, professional and positive and stood out from the other companies that I had dealt with. In no time at all – a few hours – she found me a few interviews and I was offered a job for the first one I took. She was extremely supporting throughout the process as well thorough to ensure that everything was taken care of and I was well prepared for my new role. I would highly recommend aspire and especially Rachel to anybody looking for work. ” October 2016

“I was very pleased with the level of service, communication, support and enthusiasm from Zach at Aspire, Cambridge. Zach has been really efficient and friendly as well as providing regular updates and sharing my excitement for the new role. I will definitely recommend Aspire to friends and family. Thank you for all your help!” October 2016

I would like to say a big Thank You to Rachel Samuels! Firstly, I received a call back within half an hour of first submitting my CV to Aspire Cambridge. Secondly I’ve had three jobs now within the last three weeks, which have all suited me perfectly. Rachel is so lovely to speak to and is obviously very competent, as she has made temping for me effortlessly easy! I will be sure to recommend your company and Rachel! September 2016

“I have recently been involved in seeking employment with the help of Laura Leonard. From the start Laura has been incredibly personable, professional and courteous. She approached me after finding my CV online at the Reed website and had already prepared a few roles she thought suitable for me based on those details. Following an initial telephone conversation with her, during which she listened to my needs and responded sensitively to my feedback, she was able to narrow the roles down into a more concise list and regularly kept in contact with updates to the market. Throughout her interactions she provided a useful springboard for career considerations and offered great feedback when I asked her questions about the roles she had suggested. She was also able to provide details of the employers which was very helpful when going to interview. She successfully put my CV forward and secured me an interview. Before the interview she helped to brief me on all aspects of the role and I went in feeling both comfortable and confident. Her debrief afterwards was thorough and incredibly helpful in assessing both the role itself and my experiences of the interview. I received an offer and, although I ultimately ended up accepting a new contract with my current employer on better terms, Laura remained supportive and informative throughout. Laura behaved with more compassion, understanding and professionalism than anyone I have encountered in the recruitment sector before. Should I be looking for a role again in the future, I would hope to be able to work with Laura – or someone very much like her – again.” September 2016

“Zach has been amazingly helpful throughout the whole process. He kept me informed the whole time and I’m truly thankful to him for finding me my dream job.” September 2016

“I dealt with a lady called Jasmin, I felt she was very professional got me an interview with a great company but unfortunately I was offered a position that I couldn’t refuse so I didn’t take the Aspire position in the end. If I need a job in future I would approach Aspire first.” August 2016

“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for having such wonderful staff. I have been dealing with Jasmine for the past 2 weeks and this morning she delivered me wonderful news….a job offer. I have found it rather difficult adjusting back to UK life (been living in Prague) and found it rather hard to come across any job roles I feel passionate about. Throughout the process Jasmine has been infectiously upbeat, prompt and eager to help me she also went above and beyond any other agency I have dealt with in the past assessing exactly what I am looking for! I wanted to let you know (although you probably do anyway) she is a credit to the company an absolute one in a million. Thanks Jasmine I couldn’t be happier right now.” August 2016

“During the short period of time that I have known Rachel, I have found her to be reliable, excellent at sign posting the candidate (myself in this case) and extremely dilligent in her work. As a job seeker it was very refreshing to feel that, the Recruitment Consultant values them as an individual and they are not just seen as a Number.“ July 2016

“Throughout my search for a new career, I felt supported , encouraged and understood. Aspire have successfully placed me into a role that I love.” July 2016

“During the short period of time I have been registered with Aspire Cambridge Ltd, I have found all of the Account Manager’s to be “second to none” in their approach. They are pragmatic, encouraging, enthusiastic and excellent in keeping the candidate up to date. I would strongly recommend Aspire Cambridge Ltd to the prospective job seeker & I look forward to continuing my working relationship with them.” July 2016

“I would definitely recommend Aspire Cambridge (and especially Laura) to anyone looking for a new job. She was constantly in contact with me for any development in my job search process and there for me for any questions I’ve had. Thank you for sharing this great job opportunity with me!” April 2016

“Saffy was such a star to deal with from start to finish. Interview on a Friday job offer by Monday and due to start the following week. Brilliant!” April 2016

“Kayley Chalk was such an amazing help in helping me secure the job in the line I wanted. She was very prompt and efficient and really made it easy to settle into a new area. I highly recommend to all!” April 2016

“I would like to thank Laura for all of her hard work in helping me secure my job, she remained in constant communication with the company I am now working for. The speed she got in contact with myself to keep everyone in the loop, and the professional nature of her assistance surpasses any recruitment agency representative I have come across. So my kind regards go to Laura, thank you so much for everything you’ve done!” April 2016

“Saffron Scarr was professional and prompt and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for employment.” January 2016


“Have a fantastic Christmas to you (Laura) and the other guys at Aspire, your support with employment during my pregnancy has meant a lot and has helped my family hugely.” December 2015

“I just wanted to send you a quick email to say how impressed I am with the service of you and Aspire Cambridge in general. You have been the fastest, most efficient agency I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with and despite my assignment ending, I would still be more than happy to work with you again.” December 2015

“Within a month of applying with Aspire Cambridge I got two Job interviews and eventually got a permanent offer.” December 2015

“Finally, I must say a heartfelt thank you to you for reaching out to me with this opportunity and for being such a wonderful recruiter who cares passionately about both the company and the candidates. I have never worked with a recruiter like you before and I hope we keep in touch. I wish you all the best as well.” December 2015

“Dealing with Saffron at Aspire has been the best experience I have ever had with an agency. She was always very quick to keep me informed of progress , very friendly and always sounded so happy! Thanks to Saffron and Aspire I am about to embark on my new career.” November 2015

“Thank you Saffron for all your help. [Client] are very lovely people I feel so at home already. Thank you again you’ve gave my family a better life now thank you.” November, 2015

“It has been a pleasure working with Saffron, she gave me the opportunity to work for a great company with excellent conditions. Saffron was very attentive and efficient at at all times, quick to inform and update me with all the details and very supportive. All of the Aspire team I dealt with were very friendly and helpful. I am highly grateful for this opportunity.” Laura, October 2015

“Aspire are a great agency who have changed my life for the better! I was made redundant and within a week, they found me the perfect job! When I was taken on permanently by [client], Laura and the team sent me a card to congratulate me on my new job which I think added a great personal touch. Thank you to Aspire!” Nicola, October 2015

“I would highly recommend the services of Aspire and Kayleigh. I was kept up to date throughout the process, there was never a delay in feedback and Kayleigh was always available to speak to. I would not hesitate to recommend the services of Kayleigh, either as a candidate looking for work or a client looking to partner with a consultant.” Michael, October, 2015

“I would recommend Aspire to anyone looking for a job! They were really helpful, Kayleigh especially, and I appreciate all the help and support given throughout the whole process.” September, 2015

“I just wanted to thank you so much at Aspire for my card! You’re all so thoughtful and very good at your jobs!” September, 2015

“I am really happy with your work; you are the quickest agency to find me a job! If I were to rate Aspire Cambridge and the contact we have had, I would give maximum points for your customer service without doubt!” August, 2015

“Saffron has really impressed me at her swiftness in finding me an interview. I will recommend Aspire to everyone!” August, 2015

“I would like to give a big thanks to Aspire Cambridge for their support in facilitating a new job to me.” August, 2015

“If there would be a word to describe Aspire Cambridge and the people working there, then it would be “professionalism”. Thank you for all your effort, you helped me to find a job that I am sure I will love it!” July, 2015

“I would like to express my appreciation for your communication, promotion and professionalism.” July, 2015

“I just wanted to thank you all for my new job card. It’s such a lovely sweet gesture and very much appreciated! I absolutely love working at [client’s name]! … I’m settling in well and everyone is so so lovely! Thank you for putting my cv forward in the first place! I’m so glad to finally have a job in my chosen field and the fact it’s for such a lovely firm is amazing!” July, 2015

“I am very happy with your service. Laura did a good job and she took good care of me. She always replies to my emails and I knew that I could count on her.” June, 2015

“Incredible service, friendly staff and a cheerful Kayleigh ? thank you for your help in securing me a position with new challenges and career goals.” June, 2015

“Aspire found me a job when I was really struggling, for that I will always be grateful and I have recommended the service to several friends.” June, 2015

“The team were friendly, efficient and helpful throughout the hiring process. They kept me well informed, followed up all my queries with the employer, and overall made me feel valued. This was a real contrast to some agencies I have dealt with in the past!” May, 2015

“Kayleigh has been amazing for my job search, excellent communication and extremely helpful and supportive. I can’t recommend her more. Thank you” May, 2015

“Excellent agency, communication was excellent, highly recommend.” April, 2015

“The service that I received from Aspire Cambridge was exceptional. All the consultants there were friendly and approachable, and I felt they all took a keen interest in my needs and what I was looking for. I will definitely recommend Aspire to others.” April, 2015

“My whole experience with Aspire Cambridge was brilliant. Right from when I registered, all consultants kept me up to date with current vacancies. When Kayleigh spoke to me about this role, I was overjoyed, as it was exactly what I had been looking for, and I am glad that I never went with any other opportunities from other agencies and waited for the right one instead.” April, 2015

“Aspire Cambridge were absolutely fantastic. Within a week of registering I was interviewed for a role which I started a week later. Laura was on the ball throughout the process and kept me updated on proceedings. A nice personal touch was the card I received on my second day wishing me good luck. I’d definitely recommend to employers and candidates alike.” April, 2015

“I’ve had a fantastic first couple of days at [company]… Feel like part of the team already which is great and very much looking forward to the future with this company. I would like to thank you for putting me forward for the position and supporting me through the process. One happy lady here:).” April, 2015

“My experience with Kelly has been excellent and she has played a pivotal role in securing me a role. Her recruitment skills are second to none. She was very personable with me and dedicated a lot of her time to arrange interviews, something I am very grateful for.” March, 2015

“I was really happy with the service provided by Aspire Cambridge – it was faultless from start to finish. I found Laura to be a very good listener, taking the time to really understand what I was looking for. I was also really impressed with the level of communication throughout the process – smooth and very good.” March, 2015

“Kayleigh – I received your card today, thanks very much for that. First two days at [company] have been really good … thanks once again for all your help.” March, 2015

“Kelly was the recruiter who worked with me to get my position at [company]. She was both clear in the brief as to who the company is and what the role would involve, while at the same time ensuring that I was the right candidate to send over to the employer. This meant that both my time and [the company’s] time would be spent on a meaningful conversation which is really appreciated as a candidate (and from an employer’s point of view). Throughout the following stages in the process, Kelly stayed in close contact and worked with me to secure the role. I’m looking forward to working with Kelly on other marketing roles within [the company] that I’ll need to fill now I’m employed there.” March, 2015

“Kelly is one of the most supportive recruitment managers I have worked with. She is always there to answer any questions I have about anything and is always quick to respond. Kelly has placed me with two contracts so far and I am sure she will carry on helping me find plenty more.” March, 2015

“Kayleigh – I have just received your card!! Thank you all so much, you have been brilliant.” March, 2015

“Just a quick line to say thank you for the lovely New Job card. I was really touched by your kindness.” March, 2015

“Kayleigh has been so helpful regarding my job search. Her suggestions were always very useful and she obviously went out of her way to help me on several occasions. Kayleigh is fully dedicated to her work and I strongly recommend her. Thank you for helping me find the perfect placement ” February 2015

“Massive thank you to Aspire who have helped me bag an amazing job with [company name]! Aspire have been great with keeping me updated with things and have always been so nice on the phone. Thank you again Aspire!” February 2015

“I would definitely recommend Aspire to anyone looking for a new job. They helped me find a role suited to my experience and interest, always available to talk and help with any queries. Within only two weeks I had started a new job, shortly after I received a card wishing me well at in my new position which I very much appreciated. Great experience with Aspire. Brilliant service, friendly, happy, and always made time to speak to me about any queries.” February 2015

“I have no hesitation in recommending Kelly as a professional yet personable recruitment manager. During my recent transition, Kelly was with me every step of the way and helped advise and guide me through the lengthy recruitment process. Kelly is one of the best recruitment managers I have come across in a highly competitive market.” February 2015


“Kelly and I worked together on an exciting opportunity to join a team of high-skilled professionals in a company at Royston, Herts. She was always supportive, giving me clear and precise information and assisting me along the entire process, she proved to be a real professional and a true lady. Her contribution to the successful conclusion was indeed invaluable. I strongly recommend her. Many thanks, Kelly! It’s been a real pleasure to collaborate with you!” December, 2014

“I have worked with Kelly during my job application process with [company]. She demonstrated a high degree of commitment and expertise during the whole application process. She personally followed up with the recruiter and updated me regularly throughout the process. In addition, her approachable style and her ability to have a fast turnaround time to respond to questions sets her apart from other recruitment agency. I would definitely recommend her and her company to anyone searching for opportunities in the job market” December, 2014

“Thank you for the good news and all the support that both of you gave me throughout the process. I accept the offer and will wait patiently for the next course of action” December, 2014

“Thank you very much Aspire for helping me find a job. The support on the day of the interview was particularly important” December, 2014

“I just wanted to send you a quick email to wish you a Merry Christmas and let you know that I’m doing well, and really enjoying life at [company] still. So once again thank you so much for putting me forward for the job and I hope you have great Christmas and an amazing New Year” December, 2014

“Great news! It’s been a pleasure talking with people in [company] and I’m really happy we will work together. Many many thanks for your efforts and help, Sam. You’re a great professional and a true lady!” December 2014

“Your company Aspire Cambridge, is a pioneer in recruiting” November, 2014

“I have been going through your website and must admit that I loved it. Your portfolio and clientele is brilliant. It’s highly creative plus looks very professional. ” November, 2014

“Thank you very much for your help. You have been the only recruitment agency that has really offered any help and for that I am very grateful.” November, 2014

“I am delighted to have this opportunity to work with [company name] and would like to thank you for the professional manner that Aspire Cambridge has dealt with the entire application process, which has been impeccable from start to finish.” November, 2014

“Very helpful with ideas, Kelly is a great co pilot..;). Thank you all.” November, 2014

“I just wanted to say a personal thank you for helping me find this opportunity with [company name], it has been an absolute pleasure speaking with you and I wish you all the best with your future.” October, 2014

“I would like to remain on your books in the hope that a suitable position will become available… Aspire Cambridge are by far the best Recruitment agency that I have come across.” September, 2014

“Thank you very much for everything you’ve done, I’m over the moon with the position! I just want to take this time to tell you of how grateful I am for your services and the recruitment process.” September, 2014


“Just a quick note to say a massive thank you to Kayleigh for all her time and understanding during my time at finding employment. Her communication with both myself and my new employer during the interview and offer of employment process, gave me the confidence that I was in safe hands and that Kayleigh had my best interests at heart during the whole process. It was lovely to have such a professional and friendly person always available to answer any questions etc and I would not hesitate to recommend Aspire to anyone else. All the best for the future.” August, 2014

“Lovely to meet you today and thank you for all your encouraging words. It’s obvious that you love your job and your enthusiasm is a credit to you and Aspire.” July, 2014

“By FAR the best recruitment team I have ever worked with. Efficient, on the ball and most importantly, they enjoy what they do. Kayleigh is lovely and her team are fantastic. Thank you all.” July, 2014

“Thank you very much for the given opportunity! It was the best Monday in my life I ever had!” July, 2014

“Wow what a fantastic job. It makes such a nice change to hear of a recruitment person who cares for their candidates like you clearly do. I most certainly will be recommending you wherever I go!” June 2014

“Laura from Aspire Cambridge has been fantastic all the way through the application process. Her cheerful attitude and encouragement has been greatly appreciated; as has her ability to negotiate my salary! I’m so excited to start my new job, and I have Laura to thank.” May, 2014

“Kayleigh was a gem to work with. The entire process for initial interview to hire was a very smooth one. She also went above and beyond to adjust for the time difference (I’m in the US), even taking my call after hours. When Kayleigh was on another call, Sam stepped right in to walk me through the process. I felt that we were all part of a team helping to get a great placement for me.” May, 2014

“I have to say I nearly had a tear in my eye! First day in my new job, get given my first letter sent to the nursery, only to find a beautiful good luck card from Kayleigh and the Aspire Cambridge team. What a fab touch. Thank you so much!” April, 2014

“I really enjoyed temping for Aspire Cambridge and will miss everyone. Sam, Kayleigh and Daryl have been wonderful and have helped me every step of the way from temporary to permanent employment. Thank you for everything.” March, 2014

“I have heard nothing but good things about Aspire over the last few months in Cambridge and I wish you all the best!” March, 2014

“It was an absolute pleasure dealing with you Kayleigh, may I wish you all the best in the future.” March, 2014

“Just a quick note to say how fantastic, Daryl and the team at Aspire have been! Daryl was very proactive from start to finish. Within minutes of me being in contact she had the ball rolling. I’m now very happily settling into a new job role. Thanks for all your hard work!” February, 2014

“Just a quick note regarding Sam at Aspire. I’d like to thank her for her friendly yet professional approach, which resulted in her placing me in a new role quickly and efficiently. She was a pleasure to deal with. Thanks so much for your help!” January, 2014


“Thank you Kelly. I haven’t been this excited about a job opportunity in years. Sam has been brilliant – other agencies should take a leaf out of her book – what a lovely bubbly charming lady she is and it has been a pleasure liaising with her.” August, 2013

“Just to keep you in the loop, at present I have been applying for other positions, but so far have not had much luck! I also wanted to add a big thank you to you for your regular updates. I think that this is the height of professionalism, and I wish other recruitment agencies had your integrity.” August, 2013

“Your service towards me has been amazing. I had such a quick response from you in organising an interview for me. I also thought your attitude towards me was amazing. I would definitely recommend your recruitment company to my friends. Thank you.” August, 2013

“Kelly recruited me in my current role at [Client]. She identified clearly the role and expectations so nothing was hidden at all. A nice polite reminder on the day of the interview from her team to ensure all was is order. Good personal and professional touch. A pleasure to deal with and to work with. Kept all paperwork in order and up to date.” May, 2013

“I was extremely impressed with aspire recruitment, from initial contact through to interview and into my new and exciting position help was offered always with a positive and reassuring attitude. As somebody who had been out of work for several months and had experienced the worst of other recruitment agencies it was good to find an agency that cared and was always willing to help, as well as suggesting work that might not have occurred to myself but which has suited me to the ground and that I am enjoying every day. I have already recommended aspire recruitment to friends and shall continue to do so.” April, 2013

“Service received from yourselves was very good, from first point of contact right though to actually getting the position, you/your team were very pleasant to deal with, always kept me informed on all aspects of the interview right up to the point of getting the job, thank you. I have told many of my friends, who are looking for work, to register with you.” April, 2013

“Following my placement at [Client] at which I am settling in very well and getting along with everyone. The service that I got from yourselves was great, I had constant contact from your organisation to let me know what the situation was and the current progress. I also felt that she made the whole process a lot easier and took a lot of the stress of getting a new job away as she knew what I wanted and went the extra mile to make sure that I was ok. aspire always made sure that everything was run past me first which was great as it kept me in the loop and made me feel at ease as I knew what was going on with the progression. You also made courtesy calls just to check that everything was ok and to see if I had any questions.” April 2013

“Amy is a bright and resourceful person who values each and every candidate she works with. Amy will take the time to nurture each contact she makes. Amy has gone above and beyond in helping me finding alternative employment. Amy is a true professional who works hard and is ambitious. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Amy and hope to do so in the near future.” January, 2013


“My experience with Aspire was fantastic, both Amy and Sam have been brilliant in finding me a new position and answering all of my questions. One month after registering and I have a new job that I can’t wait to start! Thank you for all your help!” December, 2012

“Amy is an excellent and hardworking recruiter. She did a brilliant job in finding the right workplace that will suit my expertise and she was very helpful throughout my application process. I highly recommend Amy to anyone who is looking for a top notch recruitment consultant!” November, 2012

“The service received from yourself and your team was fantastic!” November, 2012

“I’m very pleased with my experience. Always helpful and kept me updated when needed etc. Also answered my questions when I had any. All in all happy, and I would recommend you to a friend.” November, 2012

“The service that I got from Aspire is first-class! You guys have been very good in finding me the right position and the right company. I feel that with [Client], my skills set and experience will develop even further so thank you for helping me find that opportunity. Amy’s support and work rate in helping me get the job has been excellent and I would definitely recommend her in the future.” November, 2012

“I have enjoyed my time working for [Client], as it has been a valuable experience and the staff were very helpful and welcoming. I was pleasantly surprised to be offered this placement, as I hadn’t expected something like this when I signed up for temporary work. However, I believe that I have been well-matched to this placement, as it links well with interests I have and was a very suitable position. The recruitment agency have been very efficient and helpful; I am grateful to you for helping me find this position and I hope that I will have other opportunities in the future.” October, 2012

“I have been very impressed by Aspire Recruitment Solutions so far. As an agency you have contacted me regularly throughout my placement to check I was happy / had any questions. You also spoke to me to ask if I would be happy to continue working at [Client] as the client had requested that I work for the entire week (rather than the original 3 days) – I found this approach very refreshing and personal, and as an agency you have made me feel a valued temp.” October, 2012

“Thank you all so much for giving me the opportunity of working [Client]. I absolutely loved the job, I met some very nice people.” October, 2012

“Was very happy with the service I received.” October, 2012

“My experience with Aspire was very good and I would recommend them. I first got in touch with Aspire on a Thursday, had the initial interview with Aspire on the Friday and by the following Tuesday I had my interview and a permanent job. Aspire are friendly and helpful and helped me find the right job which I am now very happy in.” August, 2012

“Finding a new career was a hugely important process for me, but one which was made so much easier by the friendly, knowledgeable and down to earth approach of Amy. She is very professional and efficient in her approach to work, and dedicated to her tasks. Amy kept in contact very frequently, and gave me very good information regarding my job opportunity. I was treated as if it was important to her for me to succeed, and I did not just feel like another name on the books. I found Amy to be one of the most helpful, professional and positive recruitment consultant I’ve met in a long time.” July, 2012

“I would just like to say that I found aspire to be a very helpful, professional and easy to deal with. I thought it would be quite difficult in the current working climate to find a suitable job but luckily it has worked out very well. The service I received was very reliable, easy to understand and conducted in a welcoming and friendly manner. Thank you very much for all your help.” June, 2012

“I was satisfied with the service provided from aspire. All of the agents were friendly and committed. I have been informed well on the procedures (interviews, calls) though it may have felt sometimes that the volume of calls may have been a little excessive. However I believe that this may be from a personal point of view. I would like to thank all of the agents who have helped me getting this position which I am fully enjoying.” June, 2012

“Since I had my first contact with Aspire Recruitment Solutions when I was searching for a job until the end of the process with a very good job offer I have been very impressed with the friendly approach and professional way of helping me especially Sam who has been in regular contact with me to check my progress. Definitely I will recommend then to anybody. Thank you very much.” June, 2012

“Aspire recruitment were great from start to finish at getting me into my current job. I was always kept well informed and they were very supportive and helpful in the lead up to my interview and in the follow up afterwards! Helpful service offered by very friendly people and I was in a new job within a week of registering after endless jobs searches! I couldn’t be more appreciative – thanks guys!” April, 2012

“Just a quick email to update you on my first week…. Two words to sum it up – Blooming brilliant! It is a great company, I have some wonderful colleagues and I have thoroughly enjoyed it! I shall of course keep you updated with my progression, but once again, a big thank you!” March, 2012

“In this process of getting a permanent position in the UK I have been in touch with many different agencies; I founded aspire recruitment solutions very professional. From you as a team, the first time you referred me to one company I didn’t get the role but I asked you for feedback and Nabiilah did it without hesitation. She quoted the customer impressions and emailed them back to me, that was really helpful feedback for future references and interviews and not every agency does this. The second time you referred me I was offer the appointment! Amy was really helpful because I as got the permanent job in the UK and she was always very flexible and effective in order to get this interviews arranged. I am very thankful for all your help, I am positive that with this work philosophy you will keep making good business.” March, 2012

“Aspire Recruitment provided first class communication and support throughout my assignment, from finding the correct placement for my skills to continually working to ensure everything was proceeding correctly for the duration of the contract. I would recommend Aspire Recruitment to anyone looking for a temporary or permanent placement in the Cambridgeshire region. Established enough to win the bigger contracts, they retain the personal touch of a smaller agency. Thoroughly nice group of people too – highly recommended.” March, 2012

“When you are looking for the job it is very important to know where to go, how to meet the right people. I searched and I was lucky! Aspire Recruitment is the company that helped me when I moved to the new town where I couldn’t find a job. It is always very encouraging to communicate with strong professionals who not just promise, but in fact really help.” March, 2012

“I would like to thank all at Aspire Recruitment Solutions, especially Nabiilah, for all your help along the way. I have been very pleased with the position which Aspire recruitment had found for me and was also very pleased with the help and advice leading up to my interview and the fast response after the interviews. The girls at Aspire have been very friendly and offered great help during my first few weeks in settling in my new work environment and I keep in regular contact with them for further advice. If I were ever to need the services of a recruitment agency again I would have no hesitation in contacting Aspire Recruitment Solutions. I would highly recommend Aspire to anyone searching for employment!” March, 2012


“I contacted Aspire during a recent period of unemployment and I found Aspire’s approach to recruitment quite refreshing compared to other agencies. In my experience it was professional, considerate (recognized me as an individual), they understood my strengths and requirements, and supported me throughout the application and interview processes. I am now back in full time employment and enjoying my new role.” October, 2011


“It’s refreshing to get feedback from someone in recruitment. Nabiilah is an exception to the usual which is unfortunately not to reply with feedback so it’s very much appreciated. Overall an excellent communicator with a fresh approach.” December, 2010


“The team is always very helpful and approachable, which makes you feel as ease when searching for the right job. I have found that other agencies tend to embellish the truth with opportunities, but not at Aspire, they are one of the best agencies I’ve ever dealt with and my experience spans across the East of England and Lancashire.” September, 2009


“I feel the service I have received from aspire has been brilliant. I was very impressed with the efficiency of your company. When I put my CV on the internet I received a call from your company the next day and Kelly explained the positions available and re-assured me that I would not be out of work. Not only was the response time very quick but you even gave me a mobile number to contact you on to make sure that everything went smoothly. I was so impressed with this as most companies normally just work within the office hours and do not go the extra mile like your company did. The job description, directions and the interview material were sent to me extremely quick and I knew that you were there if I had any problems and I felt assured knowing I could contact you out of office hours. I feel that overall you have gone the extra mile to provide me with a winning service. I would definitely use your services again and would recommend the company to anyone who was looking for work. Not only did you do that but I also got the desired salary. My experience with the recruitment company I used was awful before yourselves and they were clearly only interested in the commission they earn. They didn’t ask me any questions or find out what I really wanted and that’s something I feel your company did. Overall I am so impressed with your services and the treatment I have received its none other than first class service. Thank you so much for all your help I am so grateful as if it wasn’t for your company I wouldn’t be in employment now. Once again thank you and keep up the good work.” August, 2008

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