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HR Success Stories

Helping Huxley with their specialist recruitment and human resources

Huxley Bertram Engineering Ltd (HBEL) had a dilemma. They did not have a recruitment or human resource function. This left a huge issue when it came to hiring top talent, specifically with expertise in their field to support the demand of the sales pipeline.

Additionally, there was no process in place. No branded job descriptions. No person specifications. No one to look after the process from candidate attraction to offer management. No one to take care of the reference checking process. No social media channels in place. They had a challenging task for us – and this is where we stepped in.

Putting the power back into the clients hands

We helped HBEL, by putting the power in their hands. We built and implemented a tailored package and set of solutions to fit around their business needs. We managed the process initially but after a few years it allowed HBEL’s team to easily manage the branded job descriptions, person specifications, candidate attraction, offer management and the reference checking process. This, alongside social media channels and company pages established along with a re-design and branding of careers page are now all done by HBEL team members.

Partnering for success

Partnering for success, with consistent communication, sound advice, and more coffee than we’d care to confess to, we were able to manage the timelines and deliverables set by HBEL – delving deep in to their specific needs allowed us to mange their expectations. As a result, the HBEL team received the right set of solutions and guidance to set them on their way.

All I can say is well done! You submitted 3 candidates and only your 3 candidates (so far) have been chosen for interview!

A happy client
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With a strong process in place, we`re pleased to have helped implement a robust solution, and as a result HBEL have seen a big improvement in the recruitment and human resource process. They are now able to effectively mange their recruitment campaigns and allow the business to focus on it`s operations, while knowing they have the right tools in place to take care of recruitment and human resources.

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