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Asking questions and seeking reassurance is only human nature; so whether you are an experienced hr professional, people manager, member of the senior or management team or even the business owner, you really could benefit from taking advantage of our pay as you go hr advice line or live chat service. Our hr advice line operates daily and contact can be made by telephone, email or live chat.

Our hr advice line is available to all companies and whether you are a small business employing just a few people or a national company employing thousands, our hr advice line can add value to your business.

By using our ‘pay as you go’ hr advice line, you can contact us on an unlimited basis as often as you like, without any restrictions or concerns with the understanding that you only pay for the actual time spent discussing specific issues(s).

Each client is different and so is your company, so if you have a question or concern regarding employees, you need to be able to ask a human resource consultancy who you can trust to give you legal hr and employment law advice. The advice we give is in line with current legislation, best practice and the needs of your business. We like to think of ourselves as an extension of your Company and resources.