What is an agile work environment and could it work for your organisation?

//What is an agile work environment and could it work for your organisation?

What is an agile work environment and could it work for your organisation?

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The majority of the time, when we think of an agile work environment, we immediately think of ideas like hot desking, flexible scheduling, or remote working. However, agile working is much more than that. The goal is to provide employees with a flexible workplace, allowing them to utilise whichever workspace best suits their needs at the time. This is a stark contrast to the traditional office setting where each employee has a fixed desk.

Employees can do tasks whenever and wherever they choose in an agile work environment as long as the work is completed.

What are the various Agile work environments like, and how might they help your workforce?

  • Agile office space – offer employees a range of practical settings where they can feel at their most productive.  The employee can decide where and when they work best.
  • Flexible working allows workers to work at times outside of the usual 9 to 5 schedule, at times with short and long days, or at times with compacted working hours, depending on what is best for their lifestyle.
  • Hot desking, also known as Flexi-desking. This allows staff members to share desk space and utilise it as needed rather than having a permanent position.
  • Remote or home working – Employees can work remotely, possibly from their home or another place, and away from a regular office or work environment.
  • So, what are the benefits of Agile working?
  • Team members are more likely to feel valued when you give them flexibility and personalise their work experiences. Giving individuals flexibility in where and when they do their duties is a sign of confidence in their work.
  • You can make more room available or utilise the office space more effectively. Some jobs don’t call for permanent desks or daily attendance from employees. This makes it possible for businesses to utilise space more effectively and select more reasonably priced office space to suit their demands.
  • By treating your workers like adults, you hold them accountable for their work with an emphasis on the quality of the work they do, as opposed to the hours put in. This will foster a sense of trust among your staff members.
  • Keep your office space clear. Office spaces and typical work environments are frequently overrun with files, papers, and other paperwork of various kinds. Agile work environments are better able to avoid this because no space is connected to a single person who can begin to accumulate files, paperwork and other belongings.

What are your thoughts on Agile working environments and would they work for your team?

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