Top Tips for Managing Remote Employees

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Top Tips for Managing Remote Employees

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Remote working is becoming more commonplace, largely as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, which prompted many people and organisations to embrace remote working. Whilst initially some people struggled with this shift, there has been a transition in which the ability to work remotely has become a welcomed change.

According to 85 per cent of managers, having teams with remote workers will become the new norm. As many firms make the long-term move to a remote workforce, there are several management practices to avoid to ensure a smooth transition. 

Leading a team of remote workers requires a different set of management skills and tactics. Here, we look at some key pointers that could help with managing a remote workforce:

  • Make sure your employees know how to get in touch with you, it is your obligation as a manager to explain how your employees should approach you. Otherwise, you may run the danger of your staff communicating less if you don’t set clear expectations.
  • Even the most approachable managers need to make sure their employees are comfortable in approaching them. To do this you can make sure your calendar is visible to everyone on your team. 
  • You may find your team will be less hesitant to contact you if they know when you are available. It also allows them to see what you’re working on and keeps them informed about your schedule.
  • Make it a point to meet with your teams frequently. Even though in-person meetings are becoming less prevalent it is still critical to communicate with your workers regularly. If webcam fatigue is becoming apparent, try options like phone calls whilst taking a walk, which allows employees to leave their ‘four walls’ while still providing a devoted service.
  • Don’t be scared to implement new tools. Messaging services such as Slack are a great way to quickly communicate with your team.
  • Follow up with your team regarding projects and workloads. Don’t presume because they have been briefed on something they are confident in what the expectation is of them. Remote working removes the ability to pop in and double-check on things. Make sure you take time to communicate and ensure they have a clear understanding of their objectives.
  • If in doubt be proactive about reaching out to your employees, maybe schedule opportunities where face-to-face contact is possible. Monthly meetings, hot-desking or team-building activities are all options to allow your team to get together and maintain personal interaction with one another. 
  • Trust your employees. Make sure your employees understand that you have trust in them, set key objectives and provide feedback regularly. Communicate regularly but avoid micromanagement. By building trust in your employees you can increase their confidence and enable them to own their projects and workload. 
  • Lastly, be aware that for some employees remote working can increase their levels of stress and anxiety. Make sure you give them plenty of opportunities to raise any issues they may be experiencing and work with them if they are facing challenges. 
  • It is also important to ensure all your HR policies and procedures cover remote working and that all employees have access to these.

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