Is it time to drop the dress code at work?

//Is it time to drop the dress code at work?

Is it time to drop the dress code at work?

2022-06-30T10:51:18+01:00 June 30th, 2022|News|

According to studies, 61% of employees are more productive when the dress code at work is relaxed, while 80 per cent of those who work in environments with dress codes say they are unhelpful. So, does this mean that the term dress-for-success is outdated?

Unquestionably, formal business attire still has a place in the workplace and is frequently linked with the financial or professional services industries, but less so in some of the young, start-up enterprises. A survey found that 28% of Britons want to do away with formal or smart casual office dress rules after the pandemic because they see the ritual of dressing differently for work to be “unnecessary.”

Studies demonstrate that the number of companies that allow a relaxed dress code every day has increased from 19% in 2014 to 36% – this may be an indication of a shift in the attitude of business leaders. Many companies probably lie somewhere in the middle, permitting casual clothes perhaps once or twice each week.

The benefits of a casual dress code are that can demonstrate a company’s faith in its workers and willingness to let them express their uniqueness—two qualities that are valued in today’s workplace. It is also suggested that it could save your employees money – casual clothes are often cheaper than smart business attire and are less likely to need to be dry cleaned. By allowing staff to wear casual clothes they may also feel better able to dress for the weather, more relaxed and in turn boost morale.

However, some businesses view how their employees dress as an extension of the company and worry that without a rigid dress code, some employees may choose to wear risky or unprofessional attire.

Another concern for organisations is the staff who attend client meetings, if not dressed formally, do not convey a professional image. Often, the threat of losing business to high-end clients due to your dress code is sufficient to discourage businesses.

Therefore, how can you determine whether a dress code is appropriate for your business?

The suitability of a dress code for a particular workplace depends on the employer. The type of work they do, whether they connect with others, and what their clients would anticipate from them all play a significant role. First impressions will always matter, and while it’s important to appear friendly, it’s also crucial that, in whatever job, an employee should appear professional if they are going to be dealing with clients. Every industry has a different definition of what this means, and this is likely to be what will determine whether an organisation needs one.

In either case, it’s critical to actively advise staff members on what is expected of them. Communicating an updated policy or corporate handbook is one way to ensure that all employees who will be impacted by changes are notified.

Please get in touch with Aspire HR for process, policy, and HR assistance if you need guidance on how to manage the process properly.

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