10 ways to show your employees you appreciate them

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10 ways to show your employees you appreciate them

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Showing how much you value your employees goes a long way toward creating a pleasant, healthy, and thriving work environment.

Don’t save your gratitude for exceptional events; make it a habit to thank them regularly.

Allowing your employees to see your gratitude can help them feel valued.

Here are some easy ways to brighten someone’s day, whether it’s a colleague, coworker, or employee.

Congratulate them on a job well done.

Give examples of what you thought they performed well. Take the time to compliment and appreciate employees for their efforts and accomplishments.

Touch base early and often. 

Regularly take time to say hello and touch base with your colleagues. They prevent your staff from feeling invisible. Simply hearing “Good morning” or “How are you?” from a manager can be as meaningful as formal recognition.

Don’t be shy in expressing your gratitude.

Extend your support beyond internal recognition. Share the good news, fresh wins, and client testimonials on social media.

Birthdays and other special occasions should be celebrated.

Celebrate your peers’ important occasions as long as they don’t mind. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, but a cake or other gift that the entire company can enjoy goes a long way toward expressing your gratitude.

If for no other reason than to show how much you value them, give them unexpected treats.

Who doesn’t like a pleasant surprise when they least expect it? Simply because you value your employees, treat them well. It might be anything from a pizza lunch to a early finish.

Keep in mind staff anniversaries.

Don’t forget to acknowledge an employee’s job anniversary. Reward them for sticking around. Draw attention to them so that other members of the team may see that you not only enjoy it but also support it.

Create a fun office tradition

It could be cake Friday, a Christmas gift exchange a summer event – anything really that the team can be part of and look forward to.

Provide incentives. 

A financial incentive goes a long way to demonstrate your recognition, but you could also provide a career incentive, such as training courses or the opportunity to shadow someone else in their role to gain experience. 

Provide feedback.

Employee gratitude can be shown through feedback, which is an underutilised technique. Employees appreciate being able to provide input on challenges they’re experiencing at work. Allow staff to provide feedback through one-on-one meetings and surveys. What is the most crucial aspect of feedback? Taking it seriously and enacting change as a result of feedback

Make sure your policies and procedures are in-line with legislation

As much as treats and rewards go down well, ensuring that you are looking after your employees through having the correct policies and procedures in place in fundamental to showing how much you value your workforce. If you are unsure or have any questions Aspire HR can help. Aspire Recruitment | 01223 855440

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