The Winning Formula For A Successful Interview

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The Winning Formula For A Successful Interview

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You’ve spent hours, days, weeks or even months finding the dream job roles and sending out job applications and CVs and now you have finally been invited for an interview; however, no matter how prepared you may be for the interview, those last minute nerves will soon have you panicking that you’re not good enough for the job!

By following this winning formula, you’ll know that you are the perfect candidate for the role and that the employer is as lucky to meet you as you are to meet them, so when those last minute nerves appear you’ll know just how to tackle them.

Step One: Research the Company

Take the time to research the company you are applying to work with, and even the person that will be interviewing you (this can be done via Linkedin). By researching the specific person that will be conducting the interview, you will be able to get a sense of their style and you may also have common interests or hobbies. Carefully read and re-read the job application and clarify in your mind how you are the perfect candidate, take a look at their mission statement and company culture too so you can understand the company as much as possible.

Step Two: Arrive On Time

Your arrival time will set part of your first impression, if you are late to the interview the interviewer may think you will be late to work every day or that you are not really interested in the job role after all. Leave as early as possible to avoid any traffic delays and if possible try the route before the interview to see how long it takes and where you can park on the day of your interview.

Step Three: Dress Professionally

As the saying goes, dress for the job you want and not the job you have; by dressing appropriately for the interview you are creating a good first impression and showing the interviewer you have made the effort. Arriving with wet hair or crinkled clothing shows that you got ready at the last minute. Make sure your clothes have no stains and your shoes are shiny before you leave for your interview.

Step Four: Ooze Positivity

It’s only normal that people want to be surrounded by positive people and positive people are often better team players too so make sure you ooze positivity in your interview. Practice interview questions before your interview and think of questions that may have negative answers and how you can use these to your benefit, such as why you left your previous employment.

Step Five: Don’t Be A Robot

Don’t just give the interviewer the answers you think they want to hear, inject real examples of what you have done and include your personality. ‘You’ are what makes you stand out from all the other candidates so make sure you show your personality to the recruiter with work-related anecdotes; try and keep the interview conversational in style.

Step Six: Ask Questions

As we mentioned before you need to do your research about the company but ensure that you come up with rehearsed questions that show you have done your research into the company. Find ways to ask questions that show how interested you are in the job role and the company.

Step Seven: Control Those Last Minute Nerves

By practicing, preparing and rehearsing for your interview you will feel more confident but take the time to relax with a deep breath and remember that it is okay to be honest and ask if a question is unclear. Your honesty will be respected and is recommended.

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