How to Nail a Video Interview

//How to Nail a Video Interview

How to Nail a Video Interview

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So, you had an interview planned. It was a biggie, potentially a final stage. You felt like you had it in the bag, had researched the offices, planned your route, your outfit and some professional-yet-entertaining anecdotes to break the ice. Then comes a spanner in the works, which means you can’t physically get to the interview. However, modern technology has saved the day, and you can now take part in a video interview.

You may be thinking ‘okay I have prepared for my interview, this will be no different’, but there are a few things you will need to consider to really nail this.

At Aspire Cambridge, we have put together some tips and best practices for both candidates and interviewers taking part in video interviews from home.

Tips for Candidates

Test your internet connection

This may seem simple, but we have seen people be caught out on more than one occasion. Test that your internet is fast enough to not cause lagging or make you sound like a robot, as well as making sure that whatever video conferencing program is working correctly. Do this well in advance of your interview, to give yourself time to solve any issues that may crop up.

Be prepared

Just as you would before a physical interview, it is vital that you do your homework. Research the company, rehearse responses to questions and make sure you have a list of questions for the interviewer.

Dress to impress

We know, it is so easy to be sat at home in a t shirt and pyjama bottoms, however this will definitely give you negative points when it comes to the interview. It is important that you dress as though you were going into the interview in person, this will not only make you feel more confident, but it will show the interviewer that you take the interview seriously.

Prepare your interview space

Yes, your couch may be comfy, but being surrounded by throws and scatter cushions will not scream professionalism to an interviewer. Make sure you choose a quiet, well-lit space, free from distractions (this could be children, pets or the television) and turn off/silence your phone and ant notifications.


As with a physical interview, send a follow-up email to the interviewer, thanking them for their time.

Tips for Interviewers

Be Prepared

Ensure that yourself and other interviewers are familiar with the candidate’s CV and job description in full, to give the video interview the same formality of a physical one. The last thing you want to be doing is shuffling papers while the interviewee is answering a question.


Make sure that you are keeping the candidate well-informed during the whole process. As you are not physically there to greet them and make them feel comfortable, you may need to go the extra mile to show them that their efforts and time are appreciated by yourself and any other interviewers.

Give the candidate enough time

This type of interview will probably be unchartered territory for both of you, so make sure you pause and give the candidate time to give a full response. The lack of normal social cues and potential technology lags mean that you might need to give longer than you would in a normal interview.

Remove distractions

Yes, you might have a full inbox and a million-and-one things to do but be respectful to the candidate. Ensure you give them the same level of respect as you would in-person – remember that they are also giving up their time, so please treat them this way.

If you need any tips on setting up video interviews or are looking to recruit but unsure how to proceed in the current climate, call our recruitment and hr professionals for support and advice.

Headquartered in Cambridge with regional presence in Kettering and Milton Keynes, Aspire Cambridge provide cost effective Recruitment and HR solutions to an impressive portfolio of customers spanning the UK and Europe. Working with a diverse collection of industries from start-ups to blue chip companies covering a vast range of sectors. Aspire Cambridge has an unrivalled knowledge of the jobs marketplace so it’s no wonder that they hold an impressive track record of exceeding client and candidate expectations.

How do they do it? By “Placing People First”.

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