How to Lead, Inspire and Retain Your People

//How to Lead, Inspire and Retain Your People

How to Lead, Inspire and Retain Your People

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Do you know how to lead, inspire and retain staff? As demand for recruitment services grows and candidate shortages intensify, scaling up your leadership skills is more important than ever and can lead to business success.

Top-performing leaders have a clear understanding of what success entails. Setting specific business goals is a powerful process to turn their vision for the business into reality. What they do sets them apart from their competitors, having defined a clear strategy for proposition and maximising opportunities for growth.

Before considering how businesses become and remain successful, the concept of success must be explored and understood. There is a general recognition that success requires setting goals. Ask yourself these questions to understand success within your business:

  • Have you set reasonable, achievable goals that are easily measurable?
  • Do you use KPIs to assess progress and performance?
  • Do you look beyond financial targets to measure success?
  • Are you focusing employees’ attention on what matters most to success?
  • Do you ensure success is celebrated amongst staff and rewarded appropriately? Do you have in place an array of motivational tools, including financial and non-financial incentives?

Successful leaders measure themselves and seek to improve performance and productivity continuously. However, employees and managers often have a completely different metric of success than their leaders. In order to bridge these differences in perceptions, leaders must set and communicate the desired level of performance targeted across all business departments and track progress against that target.

In order to build a successful business of career-minded, driven, reliable and competitive professionals who successfully reach financial and non-financial targets; leaders must employ practices for staff motivation, recognition and reward. In particular, leaders must make staff feel their talents, capabilities and accomplishments are appreciated, celebrated and suitably rewarded.

Commission is an important motivational tool. The opportunity to work hard and see that effort and achievement translate into financial reward is transparent and immensely rewarding. However, commission payment may lead to short-term thinking, with employees and managers primarily focusing on the next transaction. Experienced leaders must be able to take a longer-term view of the market and the business and celebrate the success of their staff through effective mechanisms of promotion, adjustment of pay plans and provision of flexibility in work–life balance.

We have put together some key action points to help identify your goals and establish a plan for success:

  • Ask yourself, ‘What do I want to accomplish?’ and identify potential improvements. This first requires assessing the present state of the business and its key activities.
  • Define who will be involved and which resources are involved to reach your goal and set a reasonable timeframe for achieving your goal.
  • Connect big picture strategy elements, including vision and core values, with more operational elements by applying a tailored management framework such as the balanced scorecard.
  • Establish clear and specific criteria for tracking and measuring progress towards the attainment of each goal you set. Ensure performance measurements are properly communicated across all teams in
    the organisation.
  • Start to map the customer journey for your clients and your candidates. Identify their journey, including the key touchpoints as well as how they think and feel at different points of the journey.

Managers will be more highly motivated if they can see that their leader leads by example, with relevant experience to draw on. This all lends credibility. Leaders should allow managers to take the initiative in business development and ensure they have the opportunities to remain up to date with market trends before setting the strategy for their team. Undoubtedly, improving the skills of their managers and judging their performance is easier and more accurate if leaders are close to the action.

Cultural fit, behavioural traits and high levels of emotional intelligence are critical factors when selecting your team. We need to have team members with high value sets who are empathetic to the needs of clients and candidates and can be ambassadors for us and our clients’ brands. Agility and personal interaction is so important when searching for the best solution.

Get in contact with our team of Recruitment and HR professionals to ensure that you are getting the best from your business, and for any advice on leading and retaining your staff.

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