Employee Burn-Out Signs To Look Out For

//Employee Burn-Out Signs To Look Out For

Employee Burn-Out Signs To Look Out For

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Employee burn out is a serious matter for many businesses. It is an individual’s response to stresses within the workplace and can result in staff resigning, mental health issues, days off work, a reduction in staff morale and much more.

There are different ways for you to spot if an employee is burnt out. Here are the easiest employee burn-out signs to look out for;

  • Exhaustion will often result from depletion of emotional resources to cope with the current work environment. One sign of employee burn-out is a stressed out and overwhelmed employee.
  • A disgruntled employee can often be a sign of burn-out. If an employee has always been positive and engaged but is now distant or negative in their attitude towards work, this could be a result of being burnt-out.
  • In some cases a burnt-out employee will just give up trying. They feel they are fighting too many fires and keeping too many plates spinning and still failing, so they just give up. A sign to look out for is a reduction in their personal accomplishment.

Here at Aspire Cambridge we believe there are lots of causes of employee burn-out. By being aware of their work-related factors to employee burn-out you can implement ways to avoid employee burn-out.

Job Demands

Overwhelming job demands can result in employee burn-out. Look out for that employee with stacks of papers on their desk, a to-do list that looks to have no end and a panicked look on their face when a colleague approaches their desk.

Role Conflict

As a business grows and evolves some employees end up taking on two job roles. This can quickly make employees feel overwhelmed, which can lead to burn-out. As an employer, you should ensure, where possible, that there are enough staff to cover all job roles, and that employees have a manageable amount of work.

Lack of Information

If you are asking an employee to take on a new job role or responsibility then make sure they are clear on what you require. There is nothing worse for an employee second guessing what you really want, or doing something to a high standard only to find that’s not what was needed or asked for.

Lack of Training

Take the time to check that your employees feel that they have the resources and training they need to do their job. Inadequate resources or training can leave employees feeling burnt-out as they try and manage with the inadequate tools they have.

Poor Feedback

By this we mean a lack of feedback, as well as poor feedback. If an employee is told they are doing a great job (when they are) this will encourage them in their work. This will help avoid employee burn-out and your employees will want to give more to your business too.

If you think you may be running the risk of employee burn-out in your workplace and you’re not sure how to avoid it, call our team. We would be happy to implement some pre-burn out steps into your business so you can retain the talent within your business and keep staff morale high.

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