5 Mistakes To Avoid For A Successful Interview

//5 Mistakes To Avoid For A Successful Interview

5 Mistakes To Avoid For A Successful Interview

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Interviews can be a nerve-wracking process and a potential minefield for slip ups despite the recruiter and candidate preparing for the forthcoming meeting. In a recent Recruitment grapevine article, they state that CV library found that almost three quarters of recruiters ‘believe there are certain bugbears that put them off candidates – with many of them occurring in the interview process.

The survey which evaluated 800 recruitment professionals shows that candidates are unaware of how to approach a follow-up conversation with a recruiter after the interview. “It goes without saying that coming across well in an interview is a must and its no wonder that recruiters are growing tired of candidates that are unprepared, dress inappropriately and don’t come across well in person.” states Lee Biggins, Founder and Managing Director of CV-Library.

Without the appropriate interview etiquette, candidates are possibly missing out on ideal opportunities and do not showcase their vast skillset when underperforming in the interview process. At Aspire Cambridge we believe in assisting you throughout the recruitment process from start to finish. These are the top 5 pet peeves from employers and recruiters:

Being arrogant or rude

Coming across arrogant could potentially put employers off if the candidate is rude or ignorant. Expressing your achievement and skills are important but too much of an arrogant attitude could potentially create an undesirable first impression of you. Practice etiquette of expressing your intelligence and provide the interviewer with examples of how you utilised these skills to back up your strengths. Do not try and express that you have never made a mistake in your professional career as an employer will see straight through this. Explore how you have learnt from your mistakes and how this trait is a valuable asset to your skillset.

Not being prepared for the Interview

Arriving to an interview without sufficient knowledge of the firm could have a bad impact on your impression and your confidence. Employers are likely to ask you questions which will challenge your understanding of their products, values or what you could bring to their firm. Before arriving at the interview do your research!

Not dressing appropriate for the situation

The correct dress for a job may differ throughout industries and not every interviewer will expect the same attire. There are however certain elements to dressing for an interview that will help to make the right impression with the potential employer. Dress in a manor which will help you appear professional to the position you are applying for which is smart and fits you well. Clothing should be neat, clean and professional. Don’t overdo it on the make up or fragrance either and ensure that your hair and nails are also well groomed.

Arriving too early or too late

Arriving on time to your interview is a key element in achieving success however if you have failed to plan this can affect your timing and your first impressions. Arriving late to an interview without a good reason is a sure way to set a bad first impression. Make sure to do your research and know where you are going so that you understand your approximate time of arrival. On the other hand it can also put an employer off if you are excessively early. Being slightly earlier than the time of the interview generally will give the interviewer a good impression however arriving hours early could put the employer in a difficult situation and make you appear unorganised. Being 15 to 20 minutes early to your interview should be sufficient.

Being excessively shy

Personality traits are a difficult area for many interviewees and a shy attitude could work against a potential employee. Interviews can be full of anxiety and nerves and this does not change just because someone appears to be confident. This is not to say that having no nerves is possible, it is a good idea to practice what you might say to appear confident in the interview.

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