Top Tips For Your First Day At Work

//Top Tips For Your First Day At Work

Top Tips For Your First Day At Work

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The first day at work in a new job and company can be really exciting. It can also be a really scary and stressful day too. You have spent ages finding the right job, creating the perfect CV, making a great first impression at interviews and more. It is only normal that you want your first day of work to go well.

We have put together a number of things you should do on your first day to make it go as well as possible:

  • Prepare and ask questions that demonstrate your curiosity and desire to learn. It’s important you don’t ask too many questions, but some well thought out questions could help you make a great first impression to your colleagues.
  • It’s a good idea to prepare a little speech or pitch. Your new colleagues will want to know a little about you and your experience so have something prepared for when you asked in a team meeting, or by your colleagues.
  • Get to work 10-15 minutes early on your first day. This way you are prepared for the unknown and have a chance to relax and take in your new workplace before things get crazy!
  • Take the time to listen to and observe your colleagues. It is important that you associate with the right colleagues that will help you in your job, but also support you in growing your career in the future.
  • Make sure you smile. There may be a lot going on during your first day, and a lot to take in but don’t forget to smile. Your colleagues will notice and remember how smiley and friendly you were, and how happy you looked to be at work.
  • Dress appropriately for your first day at work. Check the dress code in advance. You may have seen employees at your interview and what they were wearing. Try not to look too relaxed in your work attire, instead look professional – it’s better to be overdressed than under!
  • Don’t worry about trying too hard to impress. The interviewer liked what they saw in your interview. You will naturally impress your colleagues as you get into the job role.
  • If you are invited to go out for lunch with colleagues, don’t turn them down (the sandwiches in your bag can be eaten in the evening). The opportunity to eat out with your colleagues could only be made once if you turn them down the first time.
  • Pay close attention to how decisions are made and who the decision makers are. You will be able to learn lots about the decision-making process and who to approach if you are considering changing or improving something later in your job.
  • Put your phone on silent. There is nothing worse than the office hearing you take a call from your mum on your first day to see how it is going. You can always return calls and texts on your lunch break or after work. You need to give the impression you are 100% present at work, especially on your first day.
  • Be aware of the body language of your colleagues, managers and colleagues in other teams or departments. This will tell you a lot about the culture and morale in the workplace and you can adjust your body language to suit.
  • Don’t make judgements about colleagues and the business too quickly. Things can seem different on your first day to how they really are a few weeks down the line. While first impressions are hard to forget, give everyone and everything a chance.
  • Say thank-you each time someone helps you with something. This could be a colleague showing you a new system, your team, asking you out for lunch or your boss having a chat with you at the end of the day. Don’t go over the top, but make sure you show gratitude where possible.
  • At the end of the day, leave with a good attitude. First days in a new job can often feel stressful or exhausting, but leave with a good attitude that this will get easier.

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