Should I Accept That Job Offer?

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Should I Accept That Job Offer?

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At Aspire Cambridge we understand that, while it’s brilliant that you finally got a job offer after applying for so many job roles and you’re over the moon that it has all paid off, the chances are that you are reading this blog post because you’re not sure you should accept that job offer and you are not entirely sure you definitely want the job.

We have put together some questions you need to consider when being given a job offer; if you find yourself nodding in agreement to any, then you really should consider saying ‘no’ to that job offer. Life is too short to do a job you hate, especially when we all spend so long at work.

Does It Match Your Current Lifestyle?

If for example, your current job lets you come in half an hour early and leave half an hour early so you miss rush hour, or it means you can pick up the children from school, then you need to make sure that the employer offering you a new role can do the same. This will avoid any major disruption to your personal or family life. You also need to make sure that the culture of the company suits your personality too; if you thrive in a fast-paced and ever-changing environment then a slow and steady small office just won’t work for you.

Is The Pay Too Low?

if you are taking a pay cut, check that the lower pay can allow you to maintain your current lifestyle and if it cannot, that opportunities for progression, promotion, bonuses or commission are available to you. Make sure that you never undersell yourself; a new employer will pay as little as they can get away with and while you may be desperate to leave your current workplace, doing so for less money may not be the best decision.

How Long Is The Commute?

While you may not think the commute will be too bad, just consider how long it will actually take you to get to and from work, what time you will be back after work and how many hours that will add to your day. A long commute can reduce your social events in evenings, but it can also leave you feeling tired, exhausted and even stressed. Also consider the transport or petrol costs to get to and from work; is the pay or new job worth that cost? Take the time to calculate the pros and cons of a lengthy commute before saying yes to that job offer.

Are You Just Desperate?

It’s normal to be desperate to leave a job that makes you unhappy, but if you run into the decision and just say yes to the first job offer you could just be hopping from one bad job to another bad job. Take the time to ensure the job, pay, benefits and all other factors are right for you. Think about the job offer with your head and not your heart.

Not Enough Experience?

While you might be able to convince the interviewing panel and hiring manager that you have the skills for the job, if you have that gut feeling inside that they need more experience than you can offer then it may not be the best job for you. You could tell the employer you are concerned about this and take training to get you up to speed or turn the job down; whatever you do, don’t accept a job you can’t do because this could leave you back job hunting again.

Has The Job Role Changed?

While job roles and positions change from time to time, it is important that the new position you are being offered still suits your needs and requirements. Make sure the same salary is still offered and if there are a different set of responsibilities make sure you can meet these requirements and it is still an overall job that you would like.

Can You Grow In The Company?

Before considering the job offer you need to decide whether you are looking for a job for life, or if you are looking for a career with the company. If you want to grow within the company then you need to make sure there is room and opportunity for progression and growth or you’ll quickly find yourself getting bored and job hunting once more.

Does The Company Have A Bad Reputation?

Take the time to check out Glassdoor and see what is being said about the company by past and current employees. While looking for warning signs, make sure you take the reports with a pinch of salt as some employees may just have been unhappy in their job and not actually the company. However, if there are lots of concerning reporting and ratings of the company that is definitely a bad sign.

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