How To Resign Gracefully

//How To Resign Gracefully

How To Resign Gracefully

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Congratulations, you have found the next step on the career ladder (hopefully with the help of our amazing team here at Aspire Cambridge!) and you’ve been accepted to start with the new company. You feel like you’re walking on sunshine and you’ve got your head in the clouds thinking about all the wonderful things you can achieve in your new job role at a new company; but how can you resign gracefully from your current job role?

The last thing you want to do is leave your current job role on a bad note, instead you want to leave with the door behind you fully open for future networking and with your reputation intact and here is how we recommend you can do that;

Plan Your Departure

Before resigning from your position take the time to think about a transition plan for your job responsibilities and unfinished projects. Consider putting a list together of which departments can fill the job roles and projects until a replacement is found.

Write Your Resignation

When creating your resignation letter think of it as a thank-you note and in it you need to include that you are grateful for the opportunities the position and company has given you but you have chosen to move on. Make sure you include your leaving date and where possible deliver this resignation letter by hand.

Tell The Boss

You need to make sure that you tell your boss that you are leaving before you tell anyone else. Your manager deserves to be told first so hold back from telling co-workers before you have informed your manager. Consider how you will handle the situation if your manager offers you a counteroffer to stay with the company.

Prepare Your Story

Speak with your manager about how and when you will explain your departure to colleagues. Whatever you reason for leaving the company make sure you keep your story consistent and your reasons positive, not negative.

Give Fair Notice

The ‘global norm’ for leaving a job is 2 weeks but contracts do vary so take the time to check your contract for the amount of notice you must give. If possible give more notice so you can help your employer to find a replacement for your job role and to help train them up ready for your departure.

Stay Professional

It is essential that you leave the company on a positive note as the company may be contacted for a reference, or they may be a future customer or supplier; you never know how the paths of your existing employer and future employer may cross so remain professional and on your best behaviour throughout the process.

Clear The Desk

Once your boss and co-workers are aware that you are leaving the company start to remove personal items from your work area and ensure a clean workspace for the next person who will be taking on your role within the company. Start taking home personal items during your notice so nothing can be forgotten or left behind.

The Exit Interview

Don’t be afraid of the exit interview; this is a meeting that will usually be held between you and the HR department and is a chance for the HR department to find out any ways in which the company can be improved or if there are any issues within the company that they were unaware of.

You May Be Escorted Out

If your new employer happens to be a competitor of your existing employer, you may find yourself being escorted out of the office by security shortly after you hand in your notice. Do not be surprised, upset or offended if you are watched while cleaning out your desk or escorted to your vehicle; the company is protecting themselves.

When resigning from your job role you must remain as professional as possible and continue working to the high levels you always work at to ensure you resign gracefully with your reputation intact.

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