How To Hire Talented Specialists For Your Engineering or Manufacturing Business

//How To Hire Talented Specialists For Your Engineering or Manufacturing Business

How To Hire Talented Specialists For Your Engineering or Manufacturing Business

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At Aspire Cambridge, we know that there are some jobs in the engineering and manufacturing sector that make you feel like you are trying to hire a brain surgeon, that can work with his hands tied behind his back, while singing like Pavarotti.

However there are ways in which you can find the exact talented specialists that you are looking to employ into your manufacturing or engineering business and in this blog we will tell you how.

The first thing you need to do is to look at the job and why it has come about, is it because of growth in your business? Are you offering something new or is it to replace someone that has left or advanced in your business? Speak to the person who does the job and ask them what skills they think the new person will need – there may be things the person in the role does, but actually it isn’t part of their job role so the new person may not need those skills.

However you also need to look at competencies over skills, you need to find someone that is hard working, analytical, dexterous and more – the skills can then be taught. By looking in different pools of talent and being able to teach the skills needed you will avoid fishing in the small pond that your competitors are also fishing in, and you will be able to bring a new set of eyes and ideas into your business.

Before you even consider sharing the job specification and interviewing for the role, make sure that you are aware of the cultures and values of your business. You may have found your dream brain surgeon that can operate with his hands tied behind his back and does a pitch perfect rendition of Pavarotti, but if his or her values do not fit with the values and culture of your business they are not worth having as part of your team.

As we always say here at Aspire Cambridge, we are not here to put bums on seats; we match the person to the business because we know that is what makes a lasting relationship for everyone.

All-rounder’s are always nice people to have in the team, but often they will be average to good at all things, but do not specialise in anything in particular. Take the time to decide if you want an all-rounder who can work in different positions in the company or if you need someone that really is a specialist and offers an excellent level of work in one area.

And perhaps the part that many businesses forget, you need to sell your business. The engineering and manufacturing industries can often be very competitive industries when it comes to recruiting specialist talent so make sure you sell your vision, values and future prospects to the candidate – although you are interviewing the candidate and deciding if you want them in your team, they are also deciding if your company is for them.

Headquartered in Cambridge with regional presence in Kettering and Milton Keynes, Aspire Cambridge provide cost effective Recruitment and HR solutions to an impressive portfolio of customers spanning the UK and Europe. Working with a diverse collection of industries from start-ups to blue chip companies covering a vast range of sectors. Aspire Cambridge has an unrivalled knowledge of the jobs marketplace so it’s no wonder that they hold an impressive track record of exceeding client and candidate expectations.

How do they do it? By “Placing People First”.

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