Where Should You Be Looking For Bullying In The Workplace?

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Where Should You Be Looking For Bullying In The Workplace?

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Bullying in the workplace has been an issue that a lot of our clients have approached us about over the last few months. Bullying in the workplace can be extremely damaging for a business, for employees, for team morale and for productivity. We have put together a series of blog posts that look at bullying in the workplace and how to avoid it.

In this blog post we share with you where you should be looking for bullying in your workplace.

Research shows that the highest levels of bullying in a workplace can be found in the administrative and retail functions. Unskilled workers in general are also subject to the most workplace bullying too, research found. Higher levels of bullying can be found in male-dominated professions but also those industries where people work closely with clients or patients.

Sadly everyone within a business can be affected by workplace bullying, but it is often more common that victims of bullying in the workplace are seen to be ‘different’. For example, those in minority groups are far more likely to be targeted.

Very often bullying in the workplace can be seen where individuals are trying to assert power on their colleagues. This could be because an employee feels threatened by their colleagues or those in their team. Alternatively they may have been newly promoted without management training, or there may be a promotion coming up and they want to show they have power over their colleagues.

Bullying can happen on many different levels. It can be one peer to another peer, senior employees to junior employees, one department against another and so on. Bullying in the workplace can occur because of gender differences, someone’s race or sexual preference or even a disability.

At the core of any bullying it is the perception of difference. Bullies feel that the differences between them and others make the others less worthy of their respect. Bullying can often be an individual’s way of asserting power, in an inappropriate way.

Be on the lookout for any forms of bullying in your workplace and ensure you have clear policies about bullying in the workplace. Share guidelines for what people should do if they feel they are being bullied and ensure you have an open door policy for matters like this.

If you are concerned about bullying in your workplace please contact Aspire Cambridge directly on 01223 855440. Our HR professionals will be happy to help you resolve any issues and help you move forward with your business.