Want To Retire Aged 40?

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Want To Retire Aged 40?

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Regardless of your job and annual salary, it is possible to retire at the age of 40. You are probably wondering about how this is possible and if you would still be able to live comfortable without earning a salary. However one couple in the UK, who recently appeared on a Channel 4 program, did exactly that. They retired at 40 years old and haven’t looked back.

Julie found that every morning she just didn’t want to get out of bed to go to work, instead she found herself looking forward to the weekend. Meanwhile her husband Jason found himself punching the air when the working day was over because he disliked working so much.

The happily retired couple fled the corporate world of work ages just 43 years old and have lived happily ever after.

Julie and Jason sat down together and discussed their plans for retirement. The first thing they did was to scrap all the unnecessary extras. Things like unnecessary memberships to the gym and similar were scrapped. Unnecessary tech was dug out of cupboards and sold.

Jason stated that one day he just stood in the garage. He saw 4 bikes just laying in the garage and collecting dust. He couldn’t remember the last time that they had been biking. The bikes were the next thing to go.

Another day Jason needed an angle grinder for a project he was working on. He already had 4 angle grinders in the garage but not the right one. As he went to purchase his 5th angle grinder he almost cried with realisation of how much money they were just wasting for the sake of it.

The couple decided that they wanted to trade their lavish lifestyle with one that quickly made them become obsessed with saving money. Overtime saving money became addictive as the couple could see the mortgage going down and the savings account grow.

In order to make a living Julie and Jason rent out their home while they travel the world and experience new things. There outgoings are now around £15,000 a year and they are still managing to put some money away.

The couple agree that this might not be the lifestyle dream for everyone, but for them – they really are living the dream!