Want To Know That One Habit That Makes You Happier And More Productive?

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Want To Know That One Habit That Makes You Happier And More Productive?

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It is only normal that we all want to be happy at work. However happiness in any setting doesn’t just happen. Happiness doesn’t come down to having a great salary, being popular at work or wearing the best clothes. Even the richest and most successful people in the world have struggled with their own mental health and struggled to find happiness.

When it comes to happiness you need to be willing to discover your own true happiness and what makes you happy.

Gallup conducted some research in 2018. Their findings were really interesting. They found that 70% of workers were unsatisfied at work. Meanwhile 50% of managers admit to not believing that consulting employees about their unhappiness will prevent them from leaving the business.

It is essential that you make a commitment as a business to address factors that contribute to employee job satisfaction. This will help you not only retain, but also attract the most productive employees in today’s busy labour market.

We would recommend that you look at the job components that employees are least satisfied with. You should also look at things like job training, regular performance reviews and promotion policies too. This will help ensure your employees are satisfied in their jobs.

However a happy workplace may still not make employees happy, so what one habit should employees continue doing so they can be happier and more productive?

Rebecca Beaton from The Muse claims that the single trick for happiness and improved productivity is the ‘Meaningfulness Habit’.

Rebecca recommends that when you are starting a new task, project or role at work you stop for a moment. You need to ask yourself why you are doing this and what meaning can you bring to the task.

This will then encourage you, as an employee, to embrace the transitions experienced throughout the day. This could be your commute, working, breaks, hosting meetings, calling clients, consulting with clients and putting in those extra hours at work.

By understanding your ‘why’ you release any tension you are harbouring before beginning a new task or setting into a different environment. If you work on this habit overtime you will add meaning to your workday and this will set you on the path of overall happiness and productivity as you gain a new level of focus and meaningfulness.