Want To Grow Your Confidence In The Workplace?

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Want To Grow Your Confidence In The Workplace?

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These days it is expected that you will be naturally bold, headstrong and confident. However for many employees, these are not things that come naturally and will need working at. In this blog post Aspire Cambridge share some top tips to help you grow your confidence in the workplace and leave those workplace anxieties and stresses behind you.

Ignore The Chatter

It is only normal that you will hear workplace chatter and gossip, but it is your choice is you take this non-essential information on board or not. By drawing a line under what you will and won’t react too will make a huge difference to your confidence. Ignore the potentially harmful information that is not essential to your job and you’ll feel more confident almost straight away.

Identify and Use Your Strengths

We all have weaknesses and while it is good to be aware of them, don’t spend time focusing on them as this can leave you feeling disheartened. Instead focus on the parts of your job that you are great at. Look at ways to build on these skills and offer others advice and guidance when they are struggling in these areas that you excel. Your confidence will grow day by day.

Eliminate Weaknesses Out Of Work

As we said, it is great to be aware of your weaknesses, but if you focus on them at work you will bring yourself down and reduce your self confidence. Find things that you can do in your spare time to work on these weaknesses. If you continue building your skills in these areas then they won’t be weaknesses for much longer. In fact they will soon become your strengths.

You Gotta Have Faith

As George Michael famously said; You Gotta Have Faith. You need to believe in yourself and remind yourself that it was ‘you’ that got you this far. Do not discount your asset to the business by devaluing the skills you have. While arrogance is off-putting to others, leaders with a strong sense of self-belief will be respected.

Have Goals

Make sure you set yourself aspirational goals that will help you continuously strive to achieve more. As you meet and exceed each goal, you will naturally grow in confidence. We all know that Rome wasn’t built in a day, but each stone was laid one at a time, and this is what your mini goals will be.

Do you have any top tips for growing your confidence in the workplace? We’d love to hear them..

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