The Most Irritating Colleague Traits

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The Most Irritating Colleague Traits

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The majority of British workers spend Monday to Friday cooped up in an office form 9am-5pm. Very often workers will spend more time with their colleagues than they will spend with their loved ones or family members. With colleagues having different personality traits and habits – the risk of productivity and workplace happiness being damaged is a very real.

A report by Instaprint showed that 58% of workers are regularly annoyed by the actions of their colleagues. These actions can very often be distractions from work and in turn reduced work productivity and team morale as a whole.

So what are the most irritating colleague traits?

Air Con Debaters

The air con and heaters are the most common areas of debate in any office. There are some people in this world that will always be cold, no matter how warm it is. There are other people that will always be hot, despite the fact everyone else is freezing cold. In every office there will be a sneaky colleague that changes the heater or air con by a few notches, with no regards for the rest of their colleagues.

Angry Typers

Typing on a computer is part of many people’s jobs, but some people are what are commonly known as an ‘angry typer’. Many offices have an angry typer. There is not much worse than making an important phone call and hearing the angry typing and clacking of keys in the office. It is just unnecessary noise. Is the angry typer just typing so loudly so everyone else thinks they are busy?

The Sickie

Sick days are to be used by employees that are genuinely ill and unable to work. However many of us have that one colleague who is always ill after a bank holiday weekend and while their Facebook page is showing they have had a really busy weekend of drinking, this morning they have come down with a terrible sickness and can’t possibly attend work today.


We all have a friend that borrows your things and never returns them, but somehow it is worse when it is a work colleague. The borrower, come stealer, in the workplace will borrow your favourite pen, and you know you will never see it again, despite their every promise.

Which of these irritating colleagues have you got in your workplace? Perhaps there is a key irritating colleague that we have missed off the list? Aspire Cambridge would love to hear your thoughts.

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