Telling Your Boss You Are Unhappy At Work

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Telling Your Boss You Are Unhappy At Work

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Having a job that you don’t enjoy can really affect your mental health, but the fear of telling your boss and dealing with the comeback from doing so, can be even more of a problem. It is really important that you tell your boss that you are unhappy at work, and in this blog post Aspire Cambridge has put together some tactics to help you.

Just because you are unhappy in your job, doesn’t always mean you want to leave the company and that’s why it is important to tell your boss that you’re unhappy in the right way.

First things first, you are not alone. One in 6 workers in the UK suffers with mental health problems in the workplace. The single largest contributing factor to workplace absence and days off is mental health. Your boss will be pleased that you have told them, so they can help you before the issues grow.

Think about what you want to say. Take the time to look at your health and consider how you feel. Note down the contributing factors to your unhappiness and how it is affecting you at work. Could it be that you are struggling to keep up with the workload, the commute is stressful or you are not seeing your children enough for example? These are all things that your boss can support you with.

By writing down how you feel and why you feel that way will help you understand your own feelings. We so rarely take the time to focus on ourselves and this can make issues seem worse than they really are. The closer you get to understanding your own feelings and why you feel that way, the easier the issues will be to overcome for you and your boss.

Now is the hardest step, but a really important step. Ask for a meeting with your boss to discuss your worries. Share with them how you feel and why you think you feel that way. Your boss may be able to come up with some ways of helping or overcoming your unhappiness.

In the past discussing mental health was taboo, but that is no longer the case in the UK. There is so much more awareness around mental health issues in the workplace. Your boss will be pleased you came to them and they will be able to support you in getting the help you need.