Sackable Office Antics, Or Not?

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Sackable Office Antics, Or Not?

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While your seniority may allow you some flexibility in the workplace, meaning you can come in late or leave early some day, even the more senior of workers is capable of getting fired. Some actions are inexcusable, and this can be the case for some fun office antics, that perhaps go that little bit too far.

Sometimes you may find your job to be mundane on certain days, so you decide to jazz it up and have a little fun. Employee Jerry Foxhoven was the CEO of Iowa’s HR Department and he liked to have a little fun at work. He had a habit of sending a few song lyrics by email to his colleagues. However, after sending out over 350 pages worth of lyrics by Tupac Shakur to his 4,300 colleagues – he was sacked.

Leicestershire Police have offered their employees ‘workplace banter training’ so their employees can understand which sort of office antics are approved, and which are not. The workshop is called “Banter Balancing Wit and Wisdon”. This workshop is aimed to help employees understand the fine line between fun, stress reducing and team morale raising, and a harmful, debilitating and persistent verbal barrage.

When speaking about this workshop, Lyne Woodward of Leicestershire Police’s Diversity and Inclusion Unit said that the organisation are proud of their hugely diverse workforce and celebrate the workforce they have. However people have different views and opinions and this is something that everyone needs to be mindful of.

She added that the workshop is a voluntary session and gives employees the chance to have a practical discussion about how comments are made and how they could be interpreted by others. It is important that we remember the workplace is a sociable environment and it should stay that way. The training focuses on engaging with colleagues in the right way, as opposes to constraining or restricting conversations between colleagues.

What do you think? Are you looking for ways to scale back office antics to ensure they don’t get out of hand? Would you consider a workshop on appropriate banter in your business? If you are looking at ways to reduce the risk of office antics getting out of hand, give Aspire Cambridge a call on 01223 855440. Our HR consultants would be happy to offer advice and guidance to you and your team.