How Tough Should Your Interviews Be?

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How Tough Should Your Interviews Be?

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While a job interview is designed to put your candidate through their paces, how tough do you think an interview should be? You want to know that the candidate can cope under pressure and that they are suitable for the job role – but do you want the candidate to feel uncomfortable?

Early 2019 a candidate took to Twitter to report of a bad interview. During the interview, which she referred to as a 2 hour brutal interview, the candidate had her writing torn to shreds and was called an underachiever. She felt humiliated during the interview which left her at the point of tears.

Interestingly she was offered the job after the interview, but perhaps unsurprisingly she declined the job offer.

This type of interview is called a ‘stress interview’ and isn’t that uncommon in recruitment processes of many companies. The idea is to take the candidate out of their comfort zone and ask questions that make them feel uncomfortable, such as ‘if you could be a colour, what colour would you choose to be?’

The idea behind ‘stress interviews’ is that you can see how a candidate copes under pressure, similarly to if they had a tight deadline for a client, had to achieve results or deal with difficult clients for example. This style of interview creates opportunities to see how a candidate copes, and a chance for their ‘real them’ to come out.

However research is showing that these types of interviews can do more harm than good, for the employer and the candidate.

As we have seen in the earlier example, this candidate went public with the name of the employer and people that interviewed her. This can do serious brand damage for a business to their customers but also for potential candidates.

The confidence of the candidate is knocked too. They feel that they can’t apply for jobs they could be suitable for; they apply for lower level jobs to avoid the risk of not being good enough and even struggle with feelings of anxiety and depression before interviews.

If you are looking to create interviews that show you the real candidate, without making them feel uncomfortable, speak to the team at Aspire Cambridge. We can help you create the perfect interview and recruitment process to get the right candidates for your business.