How Can You Tackle Workplace Bullying?

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How Can You Tackle Workplace Bullying?

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This is our second in a series of workplace bullying. In our last blog post we shared where workplace bullying is likely to occur, to whom and why. In this blog post we look at how you can tackle workplace bullying in your business.

Tackling a workplace disagreement is never nice, especially not when it is around bullying. However research by XpertHR shows that just 2% of employees are satisfied by the way an employer deals with workplace bullying. This clearly shows us that more needs to be done.

It is essential that employees feel supported and that bullying is taken seriously by the employer and business as a whole. At Network Rail, for example, there is a bullying hotline available 24 hours a day that can be used confidentially. This shows those being bullied that their story will be listened to, but it also shows potential bullies that bullying is taken seriously.

While it is great to deal with bullying in the correct way after it has happened, it is (of course) better to stop it before it occurs. However, this is not always possible.

We would recommend that as a business you show your stance on workplace bullying. This should be through policies and strong communication throughout the organisation. Employees need to be aware that bad behaviour such as bullying is not acceptable and people will be punished when this is discovered.

If an employee tells you about a case of bullying you need to keep a diary of dates and times, include any witnesses and keep all relevant notes or emails when the matter is reported to you. While it may be tempting to put your head in the sand and hope it goes away, this is not the case. If bullying is reported or you think bullying is taking place in your workplace you must deal with it.

You may want to have a training session with team leaders and supervisors that not only reiterates the bullying process and what they should do if bullying is reported to them, but also the affects of workplace bullying.

Some line managers may think that the bullying is an isolated thing but by showing them the impact that bullying has on a business they will understand the seriousness. Make sure you include things like lost time at work, reduced team morale, negative impact on productivity, damaged reputation of the business and much more.

Are you concerned about bullying in your workplace? Contact Aspire Cambridge now on 01223 855440 to discuss your concerns and our HR professionals will help you manage workplace bullying and implement ways of reducing the risk of bullying in the future.