Do You Need To Take A Risk In Your Career?

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Do You Need To Take A Risk In Your Career?

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Aspire Cambridge feel that the best way to determine success is to take risks. This is especially the case when it is a well-timed and strategically utilised risk.

The most famous example of taking a risk is Jeff Bezos who quit his well-paid job as a senior vice-president at a hedge fund, to start up a small thing called ‘Amazon’ in his garage. I think we can all agree that Amazon is no longer a small thing and this is a great example of an extraordinary career built by taking a large risk.

However, maybe Jeff had it better than some? Jeff had an elite education and highly marketable skills to fall back on. He was also given an investment of around $250,000 to start up his business, from his parents. He had the security he needed and it was a calculated risk that he knew he could recover from.

While risk gets all the glory in success stories, it is important that you know when to be cautious and when to be daring. So, when do you know that you need to take a risk in your career?

You’ve Hit Self Destruct

What was once an exciting and stimulating job that used to get your blood pumping, has become boring and even stagnant.  Becoming bored in a job can be really dangerous. As boredom kicks in your start making less effort at work, which results in mistakes and errors. Work relationships that you have built up overtime become destroyed and the long and short of it is; you’ve hit self destruct!

You need to look for that next challenge to move on from this job on good terms; before all your bridges are burnt!

You’ve Hit the Ceiling

There are points in your career where the rate of advancement slows. This is often the case the higher up the career ladder you are, or the smaller the business you are in. However if you have got to the top and there is nowhere further to go, are you still feeling challenged or is your potential being wasted?

Start planning your next career move. Is there a way you could take on more responsibilities at your current place of work, or do you need to go somewhere else for new challenges?

You’ve Hit a Fork in the Road

Moments of transition in life can reflect on other parts of your life. For example you may meet a new partner and want to change your job so you can spend more time with them, or you need a higher salary to buy a new home or move to a new area.

Whether you are recovering from a health challenge, the gain or loss of a loved one, a new child, empty nesting or a major relocation it could be time for you to take a new risk. Look at the career you are in and if this is really the career for you. Big upheavals like this make us think about who we are and who we want to be – and this can result in a change of career for many people.

If you are looking to take that next risk with your career then give us a call on 01223 855440? We can help make the risk as a safe and secure as possible and help you on your new journey. Do feel free to browse our current career opportunities and apply today here >>

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