Closing That Interview and Landing That Job

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Closing That Interview and Landing That Job

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The closing of the interview is often the scariest part of an interview for many candidates. While you want to end on a high and say something intelligent that makes them remember you, you also don’t want to come across as cocky or stuck-up.

In this blog post we look at the 60 second sell. This is a technique that can work really well at closing the interview and leaving the interviewer with the best possible impression of you as a candidate and a potential employee of their business.

The 60 second sell is a tool you can use to spark the employers interest. It’s like a business card, but verbalised. Once you have learned the 60 second sell you will significantly improve future interviews, gain confidence and have the final tool needed to give you the best chance of landing your dream job. The interviewer will be able to recall you and your abilities.

So, how does it work?

You can feel the interview coming to a close. You have asked your questions and the interviewer has explained what will happen next and their recruitment process. At this point most people say goodbye, but not you! Instead you are going to say the following;

“Thank you for the opportunity today to learn more about your business and the position. It is one I am very interested in. In closing, I would like to summarise what I think I can bring to this position”

You then use what we call a five point agenda. This is where you have looked at yourself and the skills you have. You then select your five most marketable points and repeatedly illustrate these points in the interview process, repeating them at the end in your ‘verbal business card’ or ’60 second sell’ if you prefer.

By repeating and reiterating these five marketing points, in a natural and easy way, you are giving your potential employer something clear to remember about you and showing them how you will meet their needs as a business owner and employer.

This technique is so successful because when you have finished you say thank you, goodbye and you leave. This gives the interviewer the notes they need to evaluate you as a potential new employee for their business.

Interviewers will often be interviewing lots of candidates for the same role and after a while candidates can all blend into one. By using the 60 second sell the right way, you can stand out from the other candidates, for all the right reasons.