Are Humans Or Tech More Important In Recruitment

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Are Humans Or Tech More Important In Recruitment

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Over recent years we have seen a clear blur in the lines between reality and artificial intelligence. As the digital world constantly evolves and the future look of life in the workplace looks to change it left us thinking; are humans or tech more important in recruitment?

Tasks such as booking a taxi, buying a product, booking a holiday or driving a car can all be done digitally now and while this could improve the quality of life for many people… is tech really the way forward or do we still need humans?

Research by Fosway Groups in their HR Realities survey found that 76% of organisations are increasing their investment in HR technology. Meanwhile 70% of European HR professionals say that their current IT systems do not meet the needs of their modern workforce.

It has been reported that 36% of the total jobs that Microsoft have to offer include AI in some way, while Google execs have predicted that AI will replace 40% of all jobs within the next 15 years. The good news is that automation will create new jobs, nut AI may be cheaper to employ than humans in many job roles and industries.

In the recruitment industry we have seen advances ourselves. For example AI is commonly used through chatbots, natural language and machine learning technology. The idea behind this is that the need for human interface is improved, as opposed to being removed.

It is essential that as a business owner you find the right balance between tech and touch for your organisation. You can’t move the whole business to tech. However ignoring the advances in technology will also do damage to your business.

We all know that hiring can be a very time-consuming and costly task. While technology can give recruiters back some time, the human touch is still required. A human is still needed to fit a candidate personality with the personality of the business and the company culture.

Where do you think technology could take your business?