Why Do Employees Resist Change?

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Why Do Employees Resist Change?

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Here at Aspire Cambridge we understand that change is always hard for employees, whether it is new employee to the team or someone that has been in the business for years and years. People become set in their ways and find their own comfort zones. Change means leaving that comfort zone and trying something new. In the process of that an employee is opening themselves up to vulnerability and potentially trying something that might not work.

However change is an essential part of business.

By understanding the reasons employees resist change you can support your team through the changes and help ensure the outcome doesn’t negatively affect them.

  1. Change For The Sake of Change

Make sure that the change will be of benefit to the business. There is no point in changing for the sake of changing or changing to ‘stamp’ your authority on colleagues. If you constantly make unnecessary changes for the sake of it, you will impact the wellbeing of your employees. This can then lead to a high staff turnover and reduced levels of productivity.

  1. Fearing the Unknown

Even good change can be different and scary. One of the main reasons you will get push-back from colleagues and employees is because of the change itself, not because of the new policy or implications. Ensure that all colleagues are aware of changes before they come into place. Explain everything clearly so that as much of the ‘unknown’ is taken out of the change as possibly can be taken out.

  1. A Change Is a Gamble

When you are introducing new changes, such as a new management structure, daily routine or IT system, for example, you are risking the final outcome not working. For some employees these changes feel like jumping into the deep end. It could be a gamble that some employees are uncomfortable with, especially those implementing it, because they feel if the change doesn’t work, it is their fault.

  1. Losing Knowledge

Existing people in your team will often feel that they known their jobs inside and out, but when things change they lose that knowledge. They feel what they know has become redundant and that is never a nice feeling for anyone. Employees may have invested hours in a system, and having to change to a new system may feel like they have to start fresh all over again.

As we said before, change is essential for the success of any business. If you need help with change management within your business, contact our change management specialists directly on 01223 855440.

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