The Biggest Trends Impacting Recruitment Right Now

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The Biggest Trends Impacting Recruitment Right Now

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There are always trends that come and go in the world of recruitment. This is because the world of recruitment and hiring is always changing. New styles and techniques need to be tried to see what works in the new world of recruitment and what doesn’t.

In this blog post Aspire Cambridge looks at the current recruitment trends that are happening right now, which ones we love and know are going to stick around, along with the ones we are glad are just trend.


There are lots of tricks and hacks appearing in interview processes recently. We have heard of hiring managers asking candidates to wash up their cups and return them to the kitchen. In other cases a piece of rubbish has been placed on the floor before the candidate comes in to see if they pick it up or not. Some of these interview tricks work really well and help you fully understand how a candidate could fit in your business culture. However others just seem to be about power, which we don’t think is cool!

Policy Relaxation

The RAF has reportedly relaxed its policy on beards. They have done this in hope it will promote more inclusivity and appeal to a wider democratic of recruits for the RAF. As of 1st September 2019 candidates will be allowed to sport a smart, neatly trimmed and full set beard. Recently the RAF also announced that regulations would be relaxed around recruits with tattoos. We feel this is a great change and hope that other organisations will follow in their footsteps to open them up to a new pool of talent.

White Lies

We all tell a little white lie every now and again. It may be that a friend’s new haircut looks great, even though it really isn’t them. We might lie to ourselves that actually eating that jam doughnut is a good thing as it is 1 of our 5 a day. However, telling lies in a CV is definitely not a cool thing to do. This is a trend that we are not on board with at all. Research by GOBankingRates found that millennials will lie 5 times more in the CV that a baby boomer will.

Jargon Ninjas

There seems to be a huge amount of jargon and buzz-words in recent job adverts and here at Aspire Cambridge we are certainly not fans. Research by Milkround, a Graduate jobs board, found that people are actually put off by these buzz-words. Instead of asked for self-starters, blue sky thinkers and ninjas, just put in words what you are really looking for. You’ll attract more job seekers for doing so.

We are here to help you through all the trends of recruitment. We are experienced recruiters so we know the trends to get onboard with and which to avoid. If you need experts to help you with your recruitment needs, call our team now on 01223 855440 or submit a vacancy here >> 


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