How To Avoid Losing Credibility As A Leader

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How To Avoid Losing Credibility As A Leader

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Credibility isn’t something that leaders just gain as they step into that job role. It isn’t something you automatically obtain with the job title. There is a process to gaining trust and dedication from your employees, which then leads to credibility.

When you have credibility on your side the productivity of your team will increase dramatically. Employees believe that they have purpose in a business when they have a credible leader and they will be inspired.

As a non-credible leader you will be unable to convince your employees to do anything.

Credibility takes time to build, however it can be torn down in seconds.

So, how can you avoid losing credibility as a leader?

The biggest reason that leaders lose credibility is by failing to follow through. If you promise to implement a change or complete a piece of work, then you need to deliver. Failing to deliver, regardless of the reason, is a sure-fire way to lose the dedication and trust of your team.

Learn to say no where appropriate. If you won’t be able to complete a promise then change the end date or say you can’t do it from the get go. You will get more credibility from saying No at the beginning and explaining why, than saying yes and explaining later why that is not possible.

Many leaders over promise with good intention, but when it comes to the crunch can’t deliver what they promise. Make sure that you only agree to things that you know you can action. Your team will believe your promises and trust you to fulfil them. If you can’t offer what you promise then you will quickly lose credibility as a leader.

Wherever possible you should under promise and over deliver to gain credibility, trust and respect from your team and employees.

As a leader your role is to support your team. There is no point in improving the productivity levels in your team, if you have burnt your team out in the process. Management and leadership are about balancing workloads to achieve goals and deadlines as a team.

You need to be an attentive leader that delivers feedback to your team constantly. This will help you shape the direction of those that are relying on you. Failing to offer support is a sure fire of losing credibility quickly. Make sure you support your team and always deliver on promises.

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