How IT & Technology Employers Can Help Close The Gender Gap

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How IT & Technology Employers Can Help Close The Gender Gap

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A report was recently completed on women in IT and Technology. In this research 300 key decision makers within the IT and tech sectors in the UK were interviewed. The research found that 87% of responders feel there is a gender imbalance weighted in favour of men in IT and tech roles.

Further to this the pay gap data from the UK Governments’ research also showed companies in this industry have a long way to go until gender pay equality is reached. Research by Wired showed that in the top 19 UK technology companies women earn an average of 85p to every £ a man earns per hour.

While it is good to see Facebook and Microsoft has relatively small gender pay gaps, gender pay gaps are still present. Female employees of facebook earn 99p for every £ male employees earn, and at females employed at Microsoft earn 92p for every £ earned by men.

However, research by Wired shows that Amazon Video pays female employees just 44p for every £ that a male employee at Amazon Video earns. Meanwhile female employees at Intel earn 67p to every £ earned by their male colleagues.

Looking at a report completed by PWC we can see that only 3% of women state a career in technology is their first choice. Interestingly, only 16% of women have a career in technology suggested to them; while 33% of men have a career in this industry suggested to them. Looking at leadership positions in the technology sector, only 5% of these are held by females.

So how can IT and Technology employers help close the gender gap in this area?

  • Look at ways you can build diversity into your company culture. Sometimes employers can consciously or unconsciously be gender bias, so consider skilled bases assessments to find the top tech talent.
  • You may want t o consider offering workplace flexibility to attract women into the IT industry. This will also encourage employee retention for both females and males. The option of remote working can help create a work life balance that is very popular with job seekers in this current day and age.
  • Make sure you actively promote your shared parental leave policies as a business. This can be done through guidance documents, case studies and more. By openly demonstrating your commitment to working parents you will be helping to reduce the gender gap in your business.
  • We recommend that you are transparent in your policies on salaries and working hours. Make sure you clearly show structured pay grades in your business and publish this information within job adverts to encourage female and male job seekers to apply for your vacancy.
  • Very often networking events within the IT and technology industries are male dominated. Look at ways you can support women at these events. A company that sponsors or runs IT industry networking events for women can be a huge attraction to female job seekers.
  • Why not appoint a diversity manager within your business. The person in this role will help monitor the recruitment process. They will work alongside a senior manager in the business and instil trust in employees that the company is trying to reduce gender imbalance. A diversity manager can also ensure diversity strategies and policies are in place, but also adhered to.

If you are an IT and Technology employer and you want to help close the gender gap, but you’re not sure how, give the IT and technology recruitment specialists at Aspire Cambridge a call on 01223 855440. They will be happy to share advice and guidance with you. You can also speak to their HR team who can help you put diversity policies in place.

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