Why Companies Hire Temporary Staff or Contractors

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Why Companies Hire Temporary Staff or Contractors

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Many businesses have a need for temporary workers or contractors from time to time and this can be for a huge range of different reasons. In this article we have covered the most common reasons that we have come across for businesses requiring temporary workers or contractors in Cambridge, Kettering an Milton Keynes.

Vacancy Cover

Temporary or contract staff will often be needed by companies while they are advertising a vacancy or waiting for a new person to start, but the job role and duties still need to be covered on a short term basis.

Emergency Replacement

Sometimes businesses will require a temporary worker or contractor to cover for a permanent employee who may be away from work due to sickness, jury service, holiday leave, maternity leave or compassionate leave. This will often be a last minute request for a temporary employee or contractor due to an unexpected emergency.

Meeting Short Term Workloads

There are sometimes unexpected peaks in business or a planned growth in workload and it is times like this that companies require the short-term support of temporary workers or contractors to help manage the additional work. Businesses will often have an ‘optimum’ staffing level which allows the business to cope with the ‘normal’ workload and then when unexpected peaks happen they use the services of temporary employees and contractors.

Seasonal Peaks of Work

Some companies are very seasonal and get extremely busy at certain times of the year, it does not make good business sense to employ a full team who may have minimal or no work most of the year and then during their seasonal peak they all work extremely hard to meet the needs of the business, so instead companies with seasonal peaks will employ temporary workers and contractors to cover these times and maintain a smaller team of critical staff throughout the year.

This is often the case for ecommerce businesses over the Christmas period, staffing for summer events or fruit pickers during harvest time. Businesses may employ these temporary workers or contractors on fixed-term contracts or fixed-job contracts to cover the peak / rise in business.

Future Staffing Requirements

As businesses grow they may be uncertain of the permanent employees they can afford due to overhead costs and the possibility of redundancy packages if the growth in business does not continue. In cases like this a business may chose to employ temporary workers or contractors for specific assignments while they consider if employing someone on a full-time and permanent basis is a financially viable.

Recruiting Permanent Staff

The same as you would if you were buying a house or a car, employing a permanent member of staff is a big financial commitment so it is understandable you want to take a look around, see how it could work for you and even take it for a test drive. It is the same with a permanent employee and some businesses test the water with a new employee by a ‘temp to perm’ role which means that the temporary worker or contractor starts with the business and if they do well and both parties are happy they will be employed on a permanent basis by the company.

We have serviced a large network of talented professionals that use temporary work or contracting as a way of keeping their skills fresh and CV up to date, while earning a living and searching for permanent employment in a new job.

Special Project of Limited Duration

In some industries businesses will take on large projects that may not be related to the needs of one employee alone but will not require a permanent member of staff; in cases like this the business will employee a temporary worker or contractor with the correct skills to work on and complete the special project. This special project may require different skills and experiences so a selection of temporary workers or contractors may be used for the special project; this is very common in the construction industry with major projects.

Highly Specialised Work

We service an increasing number of clients that require temporary workers or contractors for specialist roles. So much so that we have found the interim senior managers and specialists to be one of the most recent markets to develop as more and more of our clients strategically use temporary employees and contractors for these roles.

What is your reason for requiring temporary workers or contractors in Cambridges, Kettering an Milton Keynes?

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