Why You Should Meet A Recruitment Agency Before You Recruit

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Why You Should Meet A Recruitment Agency Before You Recruit

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We meet, network and engage with lots of new businesses all the time, either face to face, over the phone or by email – when we tell the person what we do we are very often told “I only meet a recruitment consultant when I need to employ someone” – while this seems like a shocking response to us, we must hear it hundreds, even thousands of times a year.

Here at aspire cambridge we make the effort to meet the employer or hiring manager before they are employing, this means that when the client is ready to recruit a new person to their team then we know what their team is like, we can match the personalities and we have an understanding of the business culture to enable us to match the candidate to the client, not just the skills to the job role.

As recruitment consultants we rarely get given a role to fill with lots of time to fill it, instead we are the last stop for many hiring managers and employers, they try their own recruitment sources and then come to us. This means time is not on the side of the recruiter and they are then left with less time to get to know the client and the sort of candidate that would suit the company culture.

To be able to provide our clients with the best possible shortlist of candidates we need to not only have the job description and competencies required from the candidate but also the personalities within the team and line managers, the physical location of the job and how the company works – these are not things we can easily find out at 4pm on a Friday in time for the 9am deadline on Monday.

We want to be able to respond quickly to our client’s vacancies and we want to put the right candidate with the right client, but to do this we need to know you, your business and your team.

By taking the time to meet with the recruitment consultant before you have a need to recruit it will ensure that get the best out of the recruitment agency and you get provided with the best short list or suitable candidates too.

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