Avoid The Dog Fight By Not Waiting Until January To Recruit

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Avoid The Dog Fight By Not Waiting Until January To Recruit

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The Christmas adverts are out in force, furniture companies are assuring us that we can have our new chairs, beds and tables delivered by Christmas Day, Santa’s grottos are appearing everywhere and there is a definite chill in the air – it can’t be avoided. Christmas is coming and as our minds start thinking about festive celebrations and time with our families, the world of recruitment slows down to a crawl.

Here at aspire cambridge we see a definite drop in new jobs that are released towards the end of the year and many of our clients begin to postpone interview dates, job offers and start dates until January of the New Year.

Once the Christmas break is over and we all return to work, with slightly more weight due to excessive amounts of food, drink and relaxing, we see a huge increase in recruitment activity and the world of recruitment goes a tad crazy all over again. New budgets are released and New Year business plans are put into place, leaving companies playing catch up to try and get job roles out there and snag the best candidates for their businesses.

While we are enjoying the feast of leftover food that is Boxing Day for many of us, thoughts turn to the New Year, New Year Resolutions and plans for 2019. Employees start to wonder if they are happy in their current job role and the company they work for, they look at their much stretched bank accounts from over-spending in December and wonder if they could earn more money elsewhere and before they know it they are job hunting on line and just seeing what sort of jobs are out there.

If your business is waiting until the New Year, not only are you missing out on candidates like this who may see another job that interests them as yours is not yet advertised, but you are also signing up for the dog fight known as ‘January Recruiting’.

There is so much competition for talent in January and this allows candidates and job hunters to be pickier about the business and job role they choose, in some cases companies end up paying around 10-15% more on a basic salary to entice the candidate that they want in January. The recruiting cycle can also take 5-10 days longer to complete in January as candidates are offered more interviews and want to meet more businesses.

While a career change is more popular to those wanting to start the New Year with a fresh start, from our experience we know that many candidates start looking long before December ends as they want to know what is out there and maybe even hope for a start date in January, allowing them to leave their existing job in December.

There is a very solid argument to recruiting or even advertising job roles in November and December instead of January and the smart money is on looking for talent and key candidates before the craziness of January recruitment mayhem; if you can secure your new talent before Christmas then you will save yourself a lot of time, money and stress.

While the figures for candidates looking for a new job or career change drops slightly during December, there is a clear spike in activity between Christmas and New Year, so if you can’t bag your new employee before you break up for Christmas, at least make sure your job is advertised before you break up for the Christmas holidays. This way you can walk back into the offer to a number of applications from potential candidates and get your recruitment act together before your competitors even start advertising their job roles.

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