Ways To Show Your Employees They’re Appreciated

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Ways To Show Your Employees They’re Appreciated

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The key to a successful business is happy employees; many studies show that happy employees are more engaged with the business, will work hard for their employer, work with their team to meet targets and be am all round more productive employee and asset to the company.

In this blog post we would like to share seven of our favourite ways that you can show your employees they are appreciated by you and the business;

Buy the Drinks

If the culture of your workplace is to go out for lunch on a Monday or drinks after work at the end of a tough week then why treat the team to drinks on you. It’s a great way of showing your team that their hard work is appreciated and it’s a good chance to mix with the team too.

Book a Holiday

If your team have been working tirelessly to complete a project on time and it’s finally come off then book a minibus and take your employees away for a weekend so they can relax from the rush of the project and refresh ready for their return.

Call in a Take-Away

When you notice that your employees are working through lunch breaks and staying late after the office is closed to meet tight deadlines then call in a take-away for the whole team to enjoy. However, if this is not a one off you may need to look at employing more staff or using contractors because your team can’t continue working late and working their lunch breaks.

Personalised Gifts

Everyone loves a gift, but a personalised gift is all the more special because it is unique to you. If an employee has gone above and beyond in your workplace then why not get them something that literally says “Name – You’re Awesome”. A personalised mug could be the perfect gift in a busy workplace, but a quick look on the internet will show you anything can be personalised.


If you have an employee that works hard for your business, is always rushing in at 9am but stays until late then why not discuss flexible working. This means they won’t have to rush in and get stressed out, but instead they can choose times to suit them. Flexible working is a massive deal to working parents as it means they can fit work around school times.

Free Day Off

An employee having a break is a great thing for you and the employee; when they’ve been working hard on projects a break can be just want they need to relax and rejuvenate and you’ll certainly see the benefits of this break when they return back to work feeling refreshed and motivated.

Say Thank You

Showing your employees that they are appreciated needn’t cost lots of money, a simple but heartfelt thank-you can mean a lot to an employee because it shows them that their hard work has been noticed and this leaves them feeling recognised and appreciated.