Tips For No More No Shows

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Tips For No More No Shows

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The UK is currently experienced all-time record lows for unemployment and while this great for the UK as a whole, it does mean that candidates have more options and in turn this leads to more no shows and cancellations from candidates for the recruiters.

However, there are steps that you can take to prevent interview cancellations and no shows for your interviews.

Are They Keen or Desperate?

While you may have a job role within your business that urgently needs to be filled, you need to make sure that you find the right person for the job or you could be back to square one, with the same job vacancy again. Did the candidate sound like they were keen to work for your business or are they just keen to get a job, any job?

When considering new employees for your business you need to make sure that they have the skills you want for the job role, but they also fit with the brand and company culture of your business too.

Open Lines of Communication

Ensure that you regularly communicate with the candidate and that you update them with the interview process at every stage so you can keep them engaged and interested in your business and your job vacancy. To avoid the risk of them not showing up, call the day before or a few days before to see if they are still okay for the interview.

When you speak to them be real, be you and be genuine. By making this human connection you are building a foundation of trust and therefore reducing the risk of cancellations or no shows for the interview date.

Value Your Candidate

Try and schedule in the first interview as soon as possible, the sooner you can grab the attention of the candidate and start building that relationship, the sooner your candidate will turn down other interview offers. Your candidate is probably being inundated with calls from recruitment agencies and companies, while trying to hold down an existing job and juggle interviews around it.

While a lunchtime, early morning or after work interview may not be ideal for you, by making that time available for an interview, you could bag your dream candidate. Sometimes it is worth going the extra mile if you think this candidate could fit your job role and business perfectly.

Don’t Get Down

It can be easy to take no-shows and cancellations personally, thinking it was something you did or the company does that put the candidate off. It’s a good idea to review and ask why they cancelled where possible, but it isn’t personal to you. It’s a great chance to reflect on your offerings, your interview process and how you can make the next candidate fall madly in love with your job role.

Whatever you do, don’t give up or lose all hope and never hire someone that isn’t right, just to get the job role filled. Instead review the job description and make sure it appeals to the right candidate for your business and the job vacancy.