Team Building Doesn’t Need To Be Boring

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Team Building Doesn’t Need To Be Boring

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If you’re looking to boost the mood in your workplace and you want to try out some unusual team building exercises then you have come to the right place. We have put together some unusual team building exercises that aren’t cheesy and your colleagues will actually enjoy;

Blind Food Tasting

This team building exercise is brilliant fun; encourage your team to bring in an item of food and then blindfold employees in turn who will be fed the food by their colleagues before guessing what the food is. It’s a fun activity for a Friday afternoon and will build the trust between employees in your team. Note: Check employee food allergies before starting this exercise.

Paint Ball

Paint ball is a classic, although a painful classic, it is a brilliant team building exercise. When you choose the company you will complete this team building exercise with you can make sure they have different areas, challenges, targets and games to get the most out of it so communication skills are improved within your team.

Zombie Invasion

This is a less painful version of paint balling and your employees are literally putting their lives in each other’s hands; if that doesn’t improve teamwork in your business then we’re not sure what will. As a team you need to eliminate the zombies that are coming towards you; will your team succeed?

Games Afternoon

Rainy day or not, board games are brilliant. You can either have a collection in the office that can be used on lunch breaks or you can have a games afternoon and employees bring in their own board games. Everyone can get involved in board games and it will quickly show colleagues secret skills that their team have – many of these could help in the workplace.

Cardboard Boat Race

What’s better on a hot summer’s day than a dip in the local river? Okay, so maybe this is more of a weekend team building activity; but if you have an excess of cardboard boxes give a set amount to each team and at the start of the race each team needs to get in their cardboard boat and get further than the other teams. Note: appropriate clothing is recommended.

Sports Day

Each team creates their own sports day event and all the teams need to compete in each sports event; this could be anything from an egg and spoon race or a sack race through to a dance-off competition or a tug of war. The team that wins the most activities wins, but another prize is presented to the team that works best together in supporting each other. Of course you could also have a wooden spoon prize for the losing team.

The best way to get everyone in your workplace buzzing about team building exercises is to make sure everyone knows that a prize is up for grabs!