Immigration and Brexit Update For EU Nationals’ Status Applications

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Immigration and Brexit Update For EU Nationals’ Status Applications

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There have been some huge steps made in forms of immigration and Brexit for EU Nationals’ status applications; where previously individuals and employers had to spend days completing complicated forms and paperwork, collating documents and evidence and then sending it all off, applicants can now upload the relevant documents and photos online and this process will now take a matter of minutes.

Many employers had very real fears of making mistakes and the grave consequences they would suffer if these mistakes were made. The new system now allows applicants a second chance of submitting documents and information online if mistakes are made the first time. Applicants are now able to input data, save their changes and then return to the form at a later date if they need to.

Another benefit of the new system is that it will allow others to pay for the settled status document which has come as great news to employers that are keen to show in every way that they can, that their employees are valued.

While the new scheme isn’t due to begin until late this year, EU citizens will not need status documentation until 2021. For those EU citizens that have permanent residence or indefinite leave to remain they will just need to provide an identity document and a recent photograph of themselves to secure settled status at no cost and to obtain the compulsory ‘settled status’ document.

The Home Office is soon to report on a White Paper on EU citizens’ rights and the border arrangements between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland; however the first iteration of its EU immigration policy is not expected until late this year due to ongoing discussions with the EU.

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