Do You Give Candidate Feedback?

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Do You Give Candidate Feedback?

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Research shows that 4 out of every 5 candidates that attend an interview are given no feedback whether their interview was successful or not. This means candidates are left feeling disheartened after interview, not knowing if they got the job or not, watching their phones in hope of a call, and not knowing what they can improve to get the job next time if they didn’t this time.

Why Candidate Feedback Is Important

Candidate feedback is really important because it enhances your relationship with the candidate who may be suitable for another role within your company at a later date. It also affects your reputation as it shows that you care about candidates and therefore your employees. Giving candidate feedback also enhances your overall candidate experience which is important in this competitive, job hoarding and candidate driven market.

Preparing Candidate Feedback

When preparing the interview feedback for the candidate make sure all feedback is objective; recommend skills they could improve on to improve their CV, such as digital skills or excel skills for example. Give real examples of questions they struggled with giving their answer and how that answer could have been improved. Do not compare them to other candidates and ask for permission to stay in touch if another job role comes up, if you feel they would be suitable in your business.

Feedback Works Both Ways

This is a great chance to gain feedback from an outsider about your interview process too, ask the candidate for their thoughts on the interview and how they feel it can be improved. This will enable you to streamline and better your overall hiring process which will be great for you, your hiring managers, the candidates and the business.

Additional Points To Note

Make sure the candidates know that you will get back to them and tell them when they should expect to hear from you. If a candidate is desperately trying to get hold of you, then talk to them. Don’t ‘ghost’ them, but instead tell them when you will get back to them or if they have not been successful. Acknowledge your applicants and inform them if they have not been accepted for interview so they can continue with their own job searches; where possible, tell them why they have not been offered an interview.

In everything you do, you are creating an impression of your business, your brand and your company culture; this is important to remember.