Could an Office Dog Be A Great Idea for Your Workplace?

//Could an Office Dog Be A Great Idea for Your Workplace?

Could an Office Dog Be A Great Idea for Your Workplace?

2018-04-19T16:33:18+00:00 April 19th, 2018|HR News|

If you’re a dog lover then this a blog post that you’re going to love. There are loads of benefits to the addition of an office dog in your workplace, but before you get over excited and start ‘puppy shopping’, you need to consider if your office is the right environment for a dog and if it could be a concern to those clients visiting the office.

However, if you feel that your workplace is suitable for an office dog, that clients don’t come to the office so it wouldn’t be an issue and that your team are excited by the prospect of an office dog in the workplace then take a look at the benefits;

Increased Productivity

While it may not seem that a cuddly, cute and playful dog in the office would help with productivity you’ll actually find that the office dog will encourage to take more regular short breaks and even walks on their lunch breaks which will show an increase in productivity and motivation.

More Engagement

An office dog helps your team bond, meaning that even your most shy or socially awkward employee can mix with the rest of the team while interacting with your office dog. An office dog is a brilliant ice-breaker for new and existing employees in your workplace.

Reduces Stress

Work can be stressful; you may have a tight deadline to meet, have an angry client, be struggling to hit targets and sales or just have writers block – but an office dog can reduce all this stress. Who can be stressed when they see a gorgeous fluffy face? Stroking a pet is proven to calm a person too, so a quick step away from the desk and a cuddle with the office desk will reduce the stress in your workplace quickly.

Attracts Talent

If you are struggling to attract new or younger talent to your workplace then an office dog could be the solution. Office dogs are often listed as a top employee benefit that will attract new top talent, especially if it means they can bring in their own well behaved dog too.

While it is essential that you consider the office environment and if it could work for a dog (an open plan office is better for dogs for example), and that employees are happy about the thought of an office dog then you’ll find there are some amazing benefits. But, remember a dog is for life, this is a long-term decision that you are making.