Businesses Are Not Prepared For Post-Brexit Threats To Disability Rights

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Businesses Are Not Prepared For Post-Brexit Threats To Disability Rights

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A survey run by Business Disibility Forum with YouGov in January this year of 1611 people, which included 140 business owners showed that many people feel there will be no impact on disability employment and 75% of business felt there would be no effect on their ability to cater for the needs of disabled people – but is this the case?

The survey showed us that 39% of people feel there will be no changes in disability laws, 39% feel that there will be no impact on employment rates of disabled people and 47% believe that Brexit will have no effect on the number of opportunities for disabled people.

Meanwhile 75% of business owners believe Brexit will make no difference to the way they hire workers, 71% of business owners feel that Brexit will have no effect of their ability to accommodate disabled customers and employees while 57% of business owners didn’t foresee a fall in profits further to Brexit.

Further to the results of the survey, the Business Disability Forum has warned that the crucial gains that have been made for disability rights and secured by the business community must not be reversed post-Brexit due to a lack of planning or preparation.

Experts show economic forecasts that show a considerable impact on the UK during the transition out of the EU membership and any rise on unemployment in the UK is likely to hit disabled people harder than the general population and this will risk growing the already huge gap in disability employment. A squeeze on budgets could slow down the progress of securing accessibility in public places, transportation networks and business too.

The survey results showed that many employees are simply unaware of the potential impact that Brexit could make on their business as well as employees and customers with disabilities. We would recommend that business owners and employers take this opportunity to explore the benefits of tapping into disabled talent pools to resolve their demand for skills within the workplace; Research shows that just 49% of disabled people are in employment, compared to 80% of the general population.

aspire cambridge can offer advice and guidance on removing barriers in recruitment to make the employment of disabled people in your workplace possible. Due to the potential loss of a migrant labour workforce in the UK businesses need to work a lot harder to attract the right talent so this is a real opportunity for disabled people to join your workforce.