5 Reasons Why Working Parents Are A Must For Businesses

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5 Reasons Why Working Parents Are A Must For Businesses

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Here at aspire cambridge we feel that being a parent offers some of the best off-the-job learning a person can get and this is why we feel that working parents are a must for businesses of all shapes and sizes. There are so many new skills you can learn and improve when you have children and all these are transferable skills that can help you in the workplace, and help a business grow;

  1. Leadership Skills

Being a parent very quickly shows you that you’re not the most important person in the world and this is a skill that will come in very useful as a leader in the workplace.

  1. Stakeholder Relations

As a parent there will often be things that a grandparent / parent does with your child that drives you mad and the last thing you want to do, or they want to hear, is how to do their job right. You will emerge as a stronger person as you learn how to communicate your parents or in-laws that will prove extremely useful when proving to senior colleagues that you’re ready to challenge the status quo.

  1. Inspiration

With your child you will find that they need your support and leadership to find their own way through life and that they don’t need you standing over them as they make their own way through life. By understanding this you will be a better team player in your workplace.

  1. Diversity

Through understanding the shared challenges that two parents, single parents and blended families face you will develop a greater level of respect for equality and diversity at work.

  1. Peer Pressure Resistance

Making the transition from an adult to a parent means battling through the denial cycle of acceptation your independence is over and you can no longer have wild weekends away; at least for a few years. This will help you deal with organisational changes in the workplace, and support your colleagues through these changes too.

As we said; these are skills that you don’t just learn from training seminars and workshops, these are superb skills for the workplace and they can only be learned by being a parent!