Interview Outfit Fails That Make You Look Unkempt

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Interview Outfit Fails That Make You Look Unkempt

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It’s so important that you make a great first impression for your interview, and this is why we have put together this list of interview outfit fails that could really destroy that great first impression for you. They are only little things and not dramatic changes; but they will dramatically change the attitude and feeling of the person interviewing you;

  • While you may love your pets, the last thing you want to be covered in is pet fur for your interview so grab your lint roller as you leave the house and make sure you are pet hair free; an outfit really is complete without dog hair.
  • Watch out for thin and gauzy fabrics; they may look great as you leave the house in the morning, but as the light shines through at midday or in a bright office, not much will be left to the imagination.
  • Tiny rips and frays will slowly appear on your favourite items as you wear them all the time, but make sure you take a good close look at your interview outfit before you put it on to ensure there are no small rips, frays or missing buttons as this will create the wrong impression.
  • Make sure you get that iron out; even if something only looks slightly wrinkled. A freshly ironed outfit is clear to see and will really give the impression that you have made the additional effort for your interview.
  • If the weather turns warmer and you choose to roll up your sleeves, make sure you do it the right way; take the time to do a double roll of two simple folds so your cuffs look clean and precise, instead of quickly scruffed up.
  • Take it easy with the accessories; you want to wear a single necklace as a statement piece or a tie / scarf to bring an outfit together, but too many items of jewellery and accessories and you’ll find you look more like a fortune teller than someone trying to impress an employer at an interview.
  • The whitest of white items of clothing will fade and discolour over time and this can show a potential employer very quickly that you don’t care about how you look; use a special washing product to get your whites bright again or purchase a new item of clothing.
  • While you may have loved hair-ties round your wrist when you were at school; you’re not at school anymore so pop the spare hair ties in your bag or car – not on your wrist!
  • Check your hem lines of your trousers with the shoes you are going to wear; you want the hem lines to skim the floor, not be up at the ankles or dragging on the floor. Pin your hems in place, check they’re right again and then sew them into place.
  • While your black trainers or sports shoes may offer more comfort than office shoes; please put looks over comfort as office shoes will create a much better first impression than your much loved and much worn sports shoes.
  • Talking of shoes; make sure they are clean. Give them a polish in the morning and a quick clean with a cloth as you get out of the car. Make sure you wipe your feet as you enter the office too as you don’t want to traipse dirt through the office on the way to your interview.
  • While you may love that lucky shirt that has got you through many an interview before, if it is now too big or too small then don’t wear it. If you really love it then take it to a tailor so they can make it fit again; but if it doesn’t fit, no matter how much you love it, don’t wear it.

These are just some of the most common interview outfit fails that we feel can make you look messy or unkempt – of course there are many, many more.

Have you fallen foul to any of them?