What To Do When The Market Is Candidate Short

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What To Do When The Market Is Candidate Short

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The employment market is candidate short, this isn’t anything new and was seen towards the end of 2017 and is something we have been warning our clients about because it does mean that the approach to hiring new employees needs to change.

Business owners, employers and hiring managers can no longer be passive in their approach at hiring talent for the business – putting out a job advert and expecting potential candidates to knock your door down for the opportunity just isn’t as likely any more.

Most candidates, especially those more talented candidates, will have multiple interviews booked and offers to consider which means that just ‘having a job available’ isn’t enough to attract the right talent to your business.

While the obvious way to attract more talent to your job advert is to up the salary, for some businesses this is not an option so why not consider additional benefits that could attract talent for other reasons such as flexible working, regular social activities, birthday leave and similar things that could be just the trick to push your job to the top of your ideal candidates list.

The speed of your recruitment process is also a massive factor when it comes to bagging that candidate when the market is short of candidates. In many cases we have seen candidates take a different job instead of the one at the top of their list as there was no feedback or such a slow recruitment process they presumed the job was not going to be offered to them or didn’t want to be out of work while waiting for the company to come back to them.

To speed up your recruitment process make sure that the role has been approved by all the relevant departments, that the right people are available to meet the candidate if they are suitable and if you want to make the offer then do it that day, not the next day or days later as the candidate could have gone elsewhere.

When the recruitment market is candidate short you need to ensure that you are selling your organisation to the candidate, as much as the candidate is selling themselves to you.

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