The 7 Personalities Of Busy And Important People

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The 7 Personalities Of Busy And Important People

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There is at least one person in every office that thinks they are super important and super busy, no matter much you need them, they definitely do not have any time or space to add anything to their list, no matter how small it may be.

We have put together the 7 different personality types of ‘busy and important people’, the worrying part, you may have all 7 in your workplace, but if you are trying to skim read this as you’re too ‘busy’ to read it, then you could be that ‘busy and important person’ in your office!

Personality 1 – The Whiner

This is the person that will take every single opportunity to tell you just how busy they are; most conversations you have with them will be the length of their to-do list and just how much time they don’t have to get all their tasks done. You will hear the whining of the whiner coming from a mile away.

Personality 2 – The Procrastinator

This person will tell you how busy they are, but you will also see how much they do not do, ensuring they get all the little less-important things done instead of the stuff they really need to get done. The procrastinator will do everything in their ability to find minor tasks to add to their workload, but you can be sure these will never include helping you.

Personality 3 – The Stress Head

The person that you can see rocking back and forth in the corner? That is your Stress Head; they are so very busy that they just can’t cope with their workload and no matter how often you offer to help or tell them their workload is manageable they cannot be told otherwise or consoled. They Stress Head is a constant state of stress, no matter the day, the time or the workload.

Personality 4 – The Distractor

While you may be able to zone out to other personalities of busy and important people, this is the trickiest personality to deal with because they will require you to stop what you are doing and listen to them immediately because what they are doing is ‘so important’. The Distractor will start up a conversation at every opportunity which will not only affect their own productivity but it will affect your productivity and performance too. Their aim is to distract you from your work, so they can put off doing theirs and then talk about how busy they are later.

Personality 5 – The Short Fuse

The Short Fuse is one of the most easily recognisable personalities because if you so much look at them at the wrong time they will literally bit your head off by informing you that they are too busy to even look up at you, let alone maintain eye contact with you. The Short Fuse personality feels that time is extremely precious and they will waste no time telling you this.

Personality 6 – The Delegator

The Delegator, as the name suggests, is someone that like to delegate and while we encourage delegating, a delegator can often help your to-do list grow and grow by the minute with their jobs, while their job list quickly disappears because, of course, they are just ‘too busy and important’ to do that job themselves.

Personality 7 – The Avoider

This person will often be a mix of all the other personality types, they’ll palm off their work to you, snap that they are too busy, continue telling you how busy they are, not really achieve anything important and stop you doing important things to tell you how busy they are again, just for good measure. You can be sure that this person is definitely not one to go to for help with your workload as they will be far too busy to help you.

If you have found yourself picking out employees that match these various personalities in your own workplace then you need to work with them, employees and personalities like this can really affect the productivity of a business and team morale. If you are unsure how to deal with the matter then feel free to contact us.

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