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Email Etiquette

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In this digital age we are all immersed in emails, whether they are from friends and family, colleagues or our boss, people trying to sell things or people asking for our advice – there really are emails everywhere and this is definitely the case as recruitment consultant too; just add clients and candidates to the list above!

I think I probably receive hundreds of emails a week and a lot of them don’t make sense and even more certainly don’t create the right impression, so in this blog post I have put together some top tips to get that email etiquette just right;


Never start an email with the person’s name because this portrays an angrier tone to the email from the very start. Instead start with Hello, Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Dear or even Hi – it’s literally 2 more letters and a space then you need to press and it can change the whole feel of an email for the receiver.

Say Something

I receive numerous emails with no content in the email at all, just an attachment of a CV. I am left with no idea of why you have sent the email, what job you are applying for or what you would like me to do with your CV. Just put a short cover letter or even some information about what you are sending me and why and this will definitely help us both in your job hunt.

Got It?

When we send an email to the candidate to say we would like to meet them on a certain date or we have set up an interview for them on a certain day we would love just a brief email back to say that they have seen the email and will be there at that time or date. This saves us a lot of worry that the email has arrived and it has been seen, and it will only take you a few moments to send that email too.

School Email Address

We all had one of those ‘cool’ email addresses when we set up our first email account, whether it was or These may have been hilarious when we were younger, but as one of the first things your potential recruiter sees, it may be worth changing your email address to something more professional to make sure you create the best impression of yourself.

As a round up, all we recommend is that you make sure you are polite in your emails, that you respond to emails and give the email a quick proof read before clicking send. Good Luck with the job hunting.